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  1. All reactions. From a printout from the Vision.
  2. I am not sure what more information you would need. Here is a brief synopsis of errors I have witnessed or been informed of: We have had wrong types entered. On multiple occasions. We have a vision so we should have it interfaced, but we had enter. We have a large volume of T/S per day. Between 75-125 depending on the day. We have had a Positive antibody screen entered as Negative and an IS XM performed when it was later found (on the same specimen, and totally by accident) that the patient had an anti-E. Luckily when checking the two units that were transfused were negative for E. We have a specimens mislabeled. Which leads to WBIT (Wrong blood in tube) and without a typecheck these cannot be caught. And an serological (IS) will not pick these ups. This, to me, seems to be the biggest issue. I was just curious. This is a fairly new hospital I am working at and everywhere else we had a Typecheck system and instrument interfacing to help prevent these very preventable errors.
  3. with no second review and we do not perform Type Checks/Double Checks/2nd Types on patients. We do have the two signature system when collecting. That is our one safeguard. Does this sound like a safe practice to anyone?
  4. paddleking

    Laboratory Massive Transfusion Protocol

    AMcCord- Thank you so much for your response. That helps a lot!
  5. I just got out of a meeting where our lab leadership says that it is no longer possible for a Doctor to call the laboratory and request a MTP panel (PT, PTT, Fibrinogen, HH, and PLT). They say it is a CAP requirement that you have to have an order electronically or manually. But can you not take verbal orders in emergent situations? Our Blood Bank takes verbal orders for MTP products. This seems to be a contradiction and a misinterpretation of CAP guidelines. How can a surgeon be asked to put in orders during this time. Can anyone provide clarity on this matter? If you can refer me to some CAP guidelines for a rebuttal that would be great. Thanks.
  6. In an emergent situation, when a verbal order is given for an emergency release unit(s) or for the first pack of MTP blood does the person picking up the units need patient identifiers? Can they just come to the window and say "I am here for the Emergency release units!". I had always assumed that the protocol would allow for the RN, etc who may not have time to get a form, to skip this step as they will be identifying at the bedside. Can some one give me some direction?
  7. paddleking

    Ortho Vision

    Not interfaced. Not Cerner. Gel Cards will not be reused by the instrument after the incubation rack is full. Lots of left over.
  8. paddleking

    Ortho Vision

    Have had the Vision for over 3 months of operation now. I know it very well, but would love to learn a bit more. If anyone has questions ask away. If anyone can tell me how to optimize its Gel Card usage let me know that as well!!!
  9. paddleking

    Ortho Vision QC

    We use our own QC from old patients. AB+ and O=. PRO: Free CON: Hemolysis This is even worse on the Vision as they have not fixed the problem with editting QC and Validating results, etc

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