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  1. Congratulations!!!! Malcolm well deserved.
  2. we have IH1000 for a year now. We followed Bio-Rad installation guide and they helped us in IQ. we did OQ and PQ. lots of work... good luck!!
  3. We use combo gel card IgG/C3 In case the result negative is great. if the result positive then we do tube method IGg and(C3b,-C3d).
  4. We also test for weak D's on Rh negative babies of Rh negative moms, we do weak D in tube method.
  5. Did you receive what I sent to your private email? Hope will help you.
  6. Yes we implemented Verax in March during Covid-19 since our Blood Supplier decided to do one delivery a day and put limit on how many platelets we can order and NO return policy. Actually PGD test is very successful, we manage to save multiple units. Training is easy and Verax Biomedical walk you through training,worksheet and control, validation. Very pleased with the process.
  7. Yes, we already transfused few patients with Covid. We built the Sunquest code as TCCP (Transfuse COVID19 Convalescent Plasma. we do use eIND to match with patient. we built for two products one liquid LCCP and Frozen CCP.
  8. Agree with previous replies, when you have screen, panel and AC all 4+ the first thing to think about WAA. I suggest to do Adsorption in order to rule out alloantibodies. Also you might have warm autoantibody demonstrating D specificity in this case transfusion of antigen negative rbc is Not required BUT antigen negative blood may increase cell survival. Did you do DAT?
  9. I worry about donations if people get sick in large number and they can't donate we might experience blood products shortage.
  10. Yes, Rouleaux interference is common in gel testing. Make sure to follow what's recommended for time and speed when you spin your specimen. if you have negative results on IgG phase I do agree with Ensis do saline replacement if it's negative resulted as such and add a comment.
  11. We use an ABORh from the current admission to cover all possibilities. Stem cells patients or using someone's else insurance. For FFP and Platelets.
  12. we have Helmer DH8 8 bags capacity. highly recommended.
  13. Yes, I received the email from our supplier.
  14. Yes we do. we use clear bakery bags. You don't have to use Biohazard bags.
  15. We are AABB and Cap also and Joint commission pay us a visit when the inspect our hospital. AABB standards are highly respected by DRs and RNs when needed so it's good tool to have them follow the rules. In Addition the administration still consider AABB prestige have to have.
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