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  1. Yes, I received the email from our supplier.
  2. Yes we do. we use clear bakery bags. You don't have to use Biohazard bags.
  3. We are AABB and Cap also and Joint commission pay us a visit when the inspect our hospital. AABB standards are highly respected by DRs and RNs when needed so it's good tool to have them follow the rules. In Addition the administration still consider AABB prestige have to have.
  4. Hi Malcolm, I am a new member and just read this topic and I like to say that is honorable to be recognized for your contributions to transfusion medicine. It is exciting no need for apology Very glad I joined the society of transfusion medicine.
  5. Hi All, Would anyone share the staff competency you're using? I'm in process to update the one we use here. Thanks
  6. Happy to join a professional team like pathlabtalk. I read lots of interesting topics
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