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  1. 2rd determination of recipient's ABO

    We're upgrading our computer system and they didn't build the ABO slide "bedside check" so they are telling us we aren't doing them anymore.
  2. 2rd determination of recipient's ABO

    We still have issues with mislabeled samples.
  3. ~~~~~~~~Second ABO by one of the following: a) testing of a second current sample; b. comparison with previous records; or c) retesting of the same sample. In the case that there is no other sample, there is no history and Retesting the same sample is not an option.. Where do you get your second sample? This happens to us daily in the ER and our Outpatient transfusion clinic. Currently we carry the first blood product around and do a bedside finger stick and test the ABO. We're being told that is going away. How does your hospital handle this situation ?
  4. Preparation of DTT for treating RBCs

    We went and bought the BIO-RAD DTT http://www.bio-rad.com/en-us/sku/1610611-dithiothreitol-dtt?parentCategoryGUID=796138a1-8821-4b35-872f-0c682b293e0b I started looking for a package insert and now I see it says For research only. Can we not use this for patient testing?
  5. We are a little late to the ball game. But there's some confusion in the lab about what RBC's are being DTT Treated. Reagent cells, patient cells, donor cells? Can anyone shine some light for us.
  6. Is there a rule about giving previous CAP surveys as unknowns for competency ? Do you have to wait until the results are back from CAP before doing so?
  7. Rhogam orders in LIS

    We have a Rhogam Workup test built. They order that and it orders two tests. The Rhogam workup (Fetal screen) and a Rhogam administration (1 dose of rhogam). So, if it is a threatened abortion Rhogam workup and they do not need the Fetal screen, we can cancel the workup and just be left with the Rhogam administration to give a dose.
  8. On call phone calls

    I guess I'm still struggling with a respect issues here. Most of the people I'm supervising are older than me and end up bossing me around. I feel like as techs they should pull procedures, troubleshoot and use their brain before calling me. They don't do that they just call.
  9. On call phone calls

    Does your lab have any sort of phone call curtesy for calling the blood bank supervisor/ tech spec after hours? I feel like I have some that have no respect for me and abuse calling me at home. One called me last night after 10 pm to put me on speaker phone because the saline replacement procedure was too hard. I have full intentions of addressing this when I get to work that this tech has signed off that she understood this procedure and calling me at home with a patient is not the time to address her lack of understanding with a procedure. /rant
  10. Softbank Contract work

    I got this email from LinkedIn that someone sent to me. I have no experience with Softbank but I've seen some of you do. Just thought I'd pass it along. I am recruiting for a client who has an immediate need for a SoftBank Consultant and wanted to check on your availability for contract work. Interviews are being conducted this week, if you or anyone in your network may be of interest please feel free to contact me, I can be reached at 978-561-2011 or Lsaggese@healthcareitleaders.com SoftBank Blood Bank Consultant: 5+ months, CA Larry Saggese lsaggese@healthcareitleaders.com
  11. Temp Indicator devices

    I understand. She said to harp on making sure nurses do not pick up blood until they are 100% ready to give blood. This is not really an issue for us or I would dive deeper. We very rarely have blood returned.
  12. Temp Indicator devices

    We have to enter a temperature in the computer when we return a unit. It's set not to accept it >10.
  13. Temp Indicator devices

    We only use HemoTemp II stickers on units in coolers as well. AABB says the 30 minute rule is out! They told me if we are going to continue the 30 minute rule we have to validate. They want the temperatures to be checked when a unit is returned regardless of how long it's been out. I asked them if we should start putting HemoTemps on every unit if we start doing that. She said she wouldn't because they are expensive just wrap around a thermometer if they come back.
  14. Daily reagent QC question

    Sorry to bring a post back.. But I'm watching that Immucor Webinar Proficiency, Competency and QC: A practical approach to CLIA requirements and AABB, CAP and Joint Commission expectations It just said to Rotate QC through all who perform patient testing. Is everyone doing that now? We currently only have day shift doing the daily QC.
  15. Blood Recall

    I think I have ~130 last I looked. Blanket statement sounds good. The Doctor on staff with United Blood Services assured me that the FDA was not mandating that we report to clinicians. She said she checked the diagnosis of each patient that received a unit and looked to see if any patients were on a transplant list. She checked for any transfusion reactions. She assured me it was minimal risk of any problems, not much for a doctor to do now and that the units were at least 90-95 % LR.