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  1. We remove a segment at issue with a unit number sticker. The nurse disposes of the bag after transfusion. We store the segments with the daily specimens and dispose of them when the samples are disposed.
  2. What would you do for this scenario ? Mom : A negative with a negative antibody Screen. She received RHIG at 28 Weeks and has history of an Anti-C Baby: O positive with Positive DAT Our techs logic was that it couldn't be the RHIG or the Anti-C causing the DAT because the screen is negative.
  3. If there is an electronic log of all units disposed of is there a need to have a paper log?
  4. We're doing this with Cerner, we started out with 14 days. Then realized someone had gone in and shortened the time to 7 days. 7 days doesn't seem like it's even worth the time and effort. We can see the three answers that come across, but the only part of the answer we see is 1) Pregnant? 2) Unsure of History: (History of what?? I have no idea. yes you're sure? no you're not sure *Shakes fist*) 3) Transfusion: yes/no I have no idea if they are asking them if they've EVER been pregnant/ transfused and what are they unsure about. Anyone else have Cerner with Pre op protocol ? We just went live with this new system and decided to implement extending pre op T&S at the same time. I'm starting an Audit right now to figure out what is going on.
  5. We've got a demo of the MaxQ on the way. I'm kind of excited. I hate our cooler system now.
  6. We just implemented electronic crossmatches last quarter so anything with an audit for that would be a great idea. Do you just check to make sure the patient is eligible ? We haven't seen an autologous unit here in years. I check corrected reports as often as possible so that would be a good one too and the FDA reportables. Thanks so much!
  7. We just brought on a Lab Quality Manager in our Hospital. She wants us to report to her some monthly quality monitors that'll look nice in a graph. I do a lot of monitors monthly ( CT ratio's, product wastage, etc) but she didn't really think any of those applied to "Quality". Can I get any feedback from you guys about some good Quality topics to report monthly. Thanks!
  8. We're upgrading our computer system and they didn't build the ABO slide "bedside check" so they are telling us we aren't doing them anymore.
  9. We still have issues with mislabeled samples.
  10. ~~~~~~~~Second ABO by one of the following: a) testing of a second current sample; b. comparison with previous records; or c) retesting of the same sample. In the case that there is no other sample, there is no history and Retesting the same sample is not an option.. Where do you get your second sample? This happens to us daily in the ER and our Outpatient transfusion clinic. Currently we carry the first blood product around and do a bedside finger stick and test the ABO. We're being told that is going away. How does your hospital handle this situation ?
  11. We went and bought the BIO-RAD DTT http://www.bio-rad.com/en-us/sku/1610611-dithiothreitol-dtt?parentCategoryGUID=796138a1-8821-4b35-872f-0c682b293e0b I started looking for a package insert and now I see it says For research only. Can we not use this for patient testing?
  12. We are a little late to the ball game. But there's some confusion in the lab about what RBC's are being DTT Treated. Reagent cells, patient cells, donor cells? Can anyone shine some light for us.
  13. Is there a rule about giving previous CAP surveys as unknowns for competency ? Do you have to wait until the results are back from CAP before doing so?
  14. We have a Rhogam Workup test built. They order that and it orders two tests. The Rhogam workup (Fetal screen) and a Rhogam administration (1 dose of rhogam). So, if it is a threatened abortion Rhogam workup and they do not need the Fetal screen, we can cancel the workup and just be left with the Rhogam administration to give a dose.
  15. I guess I'm still struggling with a respect issues here. Most of the people I'm supervising are older than me and end up bossing me around. I feel like as techs they should pull procedures, troubleshoot and use their brain before calling me. They don't do that they just call.
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