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  1. Our Blood Bank uses the Genesis Tube Sealer SE540. It's very handy when one's processing multiple units (eg blood donor drive) http://www.genesisbps.com/tube-sealer-se540.html
  2. Hi qualitygal- I'm glad that you found what you were looking for! I was wondering if you would be so kind to share your validation results? And any other literature talking about the quarterly QC being done? I know some hospitals have been doing this washing method on the COBE 2991 but I have had no luck so far getting the numbers.
  3. Applejw1, Sorry for the ambiguity. I did mean treating the screening cells to store for an extended period of time. We were looking into validating a method in which we are pre-treating Screening Cells 1 and 2, so when a known DARA patient comes for a subsequent Type/Screen, we will just run the primary screen and if it comes up negative, no further workup needs to be done and K-negative RBCs will be XM'd and issued. Thank you, Cliff!
  4. Is anyone batch-DTT-treating screening cells for DARA patients? (As opposed to individually DTT-treating panel cells?)
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