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  1. dear Auntie -D , No I am referring to haemovigilance and look back event initiated by donor or patient
  2. dear Maureen,

    I am sending you my e-mail address .


    i would be much obliged if you could send to me your SOP and associated resource material on my email because i could not find any link in your response 

    Thanking you in anticipation,


    1. Maureen


      I've sent an email with the attachment to you directly.

      I tried to include it in the post - but could not.  I also tried to edit the post - but could not.

      If you can add it to the topic on the site please do, Thank you,

  3. dear David i want to know how do you ensure the identity of staff identifying the patient and staff extracting the sample from the patient. also what about the authorized person to order the blood products. how do you manage these things electronically regards, drwajiha
  4. Dear Malcolm, This means that i should take it as that it is better that I remove the tube testing from the routine procedure used by the technical staff and define it to be used in rare cases as non conformance by senior member or by me only. (actually in problematic cases I prefer to repeat the testing myself before interpretation of the test. a bit crazy !!! but better to be fussy and crazy than putting patient into problem)
  5. Hello Everyone, I am in the process of revising the policies and procedures. Since past 3-4 years we are using gel cards and doing antibody screening and identification using BioRad gel cards and the corresponding cells. I am not using the tube method for doing antibody identification . I have tube method panel cells but I prefer using extended panel Plus 6 and papainized RBCs Panel to solve the problem. I want advice that shall i continue having tube test for rare unresolved cases or shall I remove it . regards, wajiha
  6. Biotest cell 3 are antibody screening cells . if you are using them as QC cells because you know their antigram is appreciated but still if you are conscious about maintaining your QC lab journal archive in Tango it is better to use the reagent specified for this purpose
  7. We run Rh + K on our donors using Tango ( before using Optimo now replaced by Tango infinity). The commercial QC set by BioRad is run every day at the start of the day and it covers ABO blood grouping as well as Rh + K. CHECK WITH YOUR SUPPLIER.
  8. Dear Fellow Blood Bankers, I want to know once FFP is thawed , what expiry time is given to the blood product and how it is documented.
  9. Thanks to everyone for responding to my queries. Dr Pepper you are absolutely right we still have paper system . There are too many documentations in our facility and i am to be blamed for it. Step 1 component preparation section: we record the unit number in component preparation section and document the components prepared from it. If the unit is not fit to process it is also documented. This is documentation is carried out by component preparation section staff.Step 2 Process of release blood products in circulation:There is another logbook which is used to record all serological tests of the donor and result of blood group confirmation. When blood components are released into circulation this process is recorded in this logbook with date and signature of two senior staff members releasing the product into circulation.any product discarded is also recorded in this logbook.Step 3 cross match :We do serological cross match. The patient's data and the product used for x-match is recorded in this log book. This documentation is done and signed by the technical staff working on the immunohematology benchStep 4 Issuing blood product to the clinical unit: ​The staff coming to collect the blood product checks all the data related to patient and blood product and record it in a separate logbook of issuing blood product to the clinical unit with date,time and signature. Step 5 Expired / Wasted Blood products: a separate logbook for documenting these. My Problem: during one of the accreditation visits the inspector wanted to see the unit traceability record for each unit on a separate sheet assigned only for that unit. I tried to design a protocol but was not able to achieve consistency. I need help. Thanks
  10. Hello Everyone, I would be much obliged if someone could share their protocol of maintaining unit traceabilty record. I want to know how people are documenting it and the policy governing the process. i have been working on it since two years and tried different experiments but I have not been able to strike a simple protocol which would be easy for all technical staff (including the weak ones) to follow. Thanks
  11. Dear Malclm, Sorry to hear about the tradegy. But knowing this has made me to respect you more. Inspite of your problems you spent time to answer my thread and give me advice. It is truly very nice of you. Best regards, drwajiha
  12. I have explained earlier that at our facility we are using complete crossmatch gel card (by DiaMed / BioRad). This card has two phases of crossmatch: - AHG - Enzyme phase. I am getting positive result in enzyme phase only. NOT that I am doing crossmatch using only enzyme phase. In reply to the other queries and comments by Malcolm Needs and Abdul Hameed i would like to say that at our facility we do serological crossmatch and my explanation given above might answer your queries that how and why so many units were tried . If antibody screening was positive and Antibody Identification was conclusive, there would have been no problem. I brought up this problem in front of you because all of you are knowledgeable. May be people are using these cards for a long time and they could give me information about any interferences encoutered or any similar experiences or advise me to check my working or about my course of action to be taken now. Again thanking you all for your time and interest in this thread.
  13. Thank you Malcolm Needs, You do not know how much you have relieved me mentally. I work in a setting where every small thing has medico legal issues. I would be much obliged if you could forward some links to these articles to have as ready reference to show that in such circumstances what course of action I have taken in not unscientific Thank you again, drwajiha
  14. Dear fellow blood bankers, Hi! I need your help and suggestions to solve a problem. I have a patient,G2P1, case of placenta praevia in need of blood.No history of previous blood transfusion. Blood group B Positive. Cross match done using complete cross match gel cards ( DiaMed /BioRad). 50 units tried all incompatible in enzyme phase only. AHG phase is compatible. Antibody screening using Liss/Coomb's gel cards is giving a negative reaction. DCT is negative. Tried doing crossmatch using samples from her sisters and brother but same incompatible result in enzyme phase. blood group of her siblings are O negative and O positive. I need urgent help/ suggestions to solve this problem. Is there any interference? or rare antibody ? or anything I missed ? Thanks
  15. Dear Mabel, We check all the negative reactions microscopically for verification . But I want to know why you started this thread because there must be a strong scientific point which you want to make us realize.
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