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  1. Thanks for the input David, I will check with AABB directly to verify...
  2. I am now really curious how other facilities who do infrequent Neonatal Transfusions manage this. I was at an Ohio Association of Blood Banks (OABB) meeting last October and one of the speakers was Patrick Ooley MS, MT(ASCP), CQA(ASQ)CMQ/OE Chair, AABB BBTS Program Unit. He told the group that regardless of where the syringe is pulled off from the unit, it must be ISBT labeled. We had always thought we were ok by sending up the unit of blood with a syringe set, that ISBT labeling was not needed because we did not pull the syringe off in Blood Bank and send it for transfusion. Based on what Patrick said at OABB (and his credentials), we've been trying to figure out how to handle this so we are compliant. Any ideas would be appreciated!
  3. What do you do about the labeling if you send a unit with a syringe set for them to transfuse? I was at an AABB meeting and was told that even if the syringe was not processed in the Blood Bank, the syringe still had to be ISBT labeled prior to transfusion.
  4. Thanks Cliff! My co-workers are looking forward to it!
  5. Is anyone aware of any type of forum like BloodBank Talk for other clinical areas of the laboratory? This is such a great site for information, my co-workers in Hematology and Chemistry wonder if their is sometrhing like this site for them. I appreciate any info!
  6. "We have had less of these types of reactions since we started keeping our 0.8% cells in black boxes that Ortho provided for us (they look like plastic recipe boxes - in fact we got one at a discount store that was a little bigger to keep a panel in)." Just curious about this black box - is this Ortho's remedy for the spurious results? I have never heard of this.
  7. I was wondering what other labs are doing in these situations where you are using Gel>PEG>LISS. Do you run a DAT or Auto control, or both? And if you are switching methodologies, do you run the Auto control for each methodology (ie, run it in Gel, then PEG, then LISS)? We used to just run a DAT, and if we went through all our capabilities to ID an antibody and were unclear or uncertain, we'd send it to our reference lab. Now our supervisor wants us to add the Auto control to EACH antibody identification (whether it's a "simple" ID, or an ID where we need to move to another methodology). I can maybe see where in this may be helpful in the case where we are using multiple methodologies for antibody ID, but don't necessarily see the benefit on doing an DAT and Auto on a "simple" antibody ID. Maybe someone can enlighten me. Thanks!
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