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  1. Temperature Indicator for RBC Units

    We use Safe T Vue. The only problem we have is they don't always stick well to the bag. We have had problems with them coming off
  2. Infrared Thermometers

    Does anyone use Infrared thermometers for checking the temp of a unit of blood when returned to the Blood Bank? If so what are the pros and cons and what brand do you use? Thanks for your help. We are struggling with how to handle returned units. Currently we are using a 30 min rule and a Safe-T-Vue 10. Our SOP states that if the unit comes back in under 30 min we return it to inventory even if the Safe-T-Vue is red. I struggle with this since we don't know what happened to that unit while it was out of the Blood Bank and the manufacturer states not to inventory it. Our units are sent out with a gel cold pack so 30 min is not unreasonable but I don't see putting it in inventory if the Safe-T-Vue is red. HELP
  3. Return of issued products

    Scott can you tell me who manufactures the Timeview indicator please
  4. I would like to know what others are doing when a product such as a red cell unit is returned to the Blood Bank. We currently use Safe-T- Vue 10 on products we send in an ice chest but not on products that are supposed to be infused. How do you check the temperature on the returned units, or do you have a time frame from when it left the Blood Bank until it is returned. How do you ensure the product is viable for reissue? We currently have a rule that if a fresh frozen plasma leaves the Blood Bank in an ice chest and returns more than 2 hours later we discard it. I think that is a waste of a good product so I would like to know what others are doing. If anyone has a resource for these issues I would also like to know what that is. Thanks for your help
  5. Cord Blood Testing

    We only do cord testing on babies of Rh negative moms
  6. OR returns of Thawed Plasma

    Our current policy is to return plasma to inventory if it has been issued for less than 2 hours even if it was issued to an ice chest. I'm not sure that makes any sense but it is the policy of our BB
  7. Intrauterine Transfusions

    We always label with Mom's information
  8. Previously identified antibodies

    I might not have been clear with my question. Say the patient has a history of Anti Kell. The first time we identify the antibody we use the rule of 3. 3 positives to rule in and 3 negatives to rule out. On repeat work ups. We only require 1 homozygous negative to rule out significant antibodies. I want to know if others always use the rule of 3
  9. How do you handle rule outs on a future work up when the patient has a previous known antibody. Currently we require 3 homozygous (if possible) rule out cells for a new antibody, but only one homozygous rule out for all significant antibodies on future work ups. I was wondering what everyone else does in this situation
  10. Anti M

    Thanks for the information. I still would like to know if you have given M - units in the past when the M showed at Coombs phase what do you do when it doesn't show in future testing? We have 2 different view points in my Blood Bank. Once significant always significant or if it's not there don't worry about it
  11. Anti M

    I would like to know how people handle Anti-M when they find it at IAT phase. Do you give antigen negative blood or prewarm it away and consider it not significant? Also if you have patient history of the Anti-M showing at IAT phase and the next time you do a workup it doesn't show how do you handle it. Significant or not?