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  1. We are looking to purchase testing equipment for our blood banks and will need a mix of fully and semi-automated based on site volume. Looking for feedback from folks on BioRad (IH500 and Saxo Reader), Grifols (Erytra) , Ortho (Vision and workstation) and Immucor (Echo Lumina). We also want middleware for both fully and semi-automated systems. Why did you choose the platform you did? Any regrets? Any happy surprises?
  2. Could someone in Canada provide me with a contact for Haemonetics? We had been working with the sales rep in Ontario who, sadly, is no longer available. I have called the number provided on their website for the Alberta Head Office numerous times and left messages as no one ever answers and no one has returned my calls. Additionally, I sent an email request via their website and still no response. Now, either they don't want to work with us and are deliberately not returning my calls or they don't want our money....additionally, do I want to work with a company I can never get ahold of....? My understanding is they are still the only vendor able to offer vending blood fridges so if anyone is aware of an alternative vendor, please let me know. Otherwise, if you know of a rep for Haemonetics, please forward me their contact info. thanks........
  3. Good morning! We have a TM LIS in which technologists are to direct enter their manual testing results. While I appreciate the intent is to decrease the risk of transcription errors, I am also old school enough to want to write down my results on the worksheet first.... Looking for insight/thoughts/comments from the TM community on performing direct entry into an LIS of ABO/Rh and screen testing results....thanks......
  4. I appreciate in a perfect world the error rate would be zero; however, this is not feasible as humans are entering data and humans will make mistakes. I am not looking for someone to tell me my error rate is OK because it compares to someone else - I am looking for some benchmarks. For example, if I am at an error rate of 6% and folks in similar sized facilities accessioning similar numbers are around 3% then I know I need to seriously look into our processes and can work towards that goal. If I happen to be around the same error rate as other comparable sites then I will not expect to see as large a decrease in the error rate but will continue to ensure it trends downward. thanks for the discussion...
  5. Thank you for the replies. Very helpful!
  6. Hi Everyone. I have two questions today: 1. If you have a plasma thawer on site, what do you use as a back up? I have a site with a plasma thawer but nothing for back up - no second plasma thawer and no waterbath.....is AABB OK with a warm basin? Thoughts? 2. If you thaw apheresis plasma, how long does it take? Our policy states it should thaw within 30' but I am told this isn't long enough.....? Thanks...........
  7. For your A-ive donor with the screen positive in gel and negative in tube, is there a pattern in the antigram? Gel is much more sensitive to Rh antibodies than tube. You said the patient is male so unlikely they received RhIg. If results repeat in gel, I would suggest Rh phenotyping the donor for c, e status.
  8. Thanks to all for your responses. There are some very interesting ideas here in which we can draw from.
  9. We are evaluating data loggers for our hospitals. We use them when sending red cells from a regional site to a smaller rural site which may take a couple of hours in travel. We trialed zLogg, Libero (Elpro) and TempTale Ultra. Does anyone have experience with any of these data loggers you would be willing to share? Almost all of the new data loggers do not allow you to change the battery so a replacement must be purchased when the battery dies.... thanks.....
  10. Thanks - I have looked on-line extensively and have not found any literature with an "established" error rate which we could compare to. We are monitoring our rates monthly but it would be nice to know if anyone else has done this and if there is a ball park error rate we could compare ourselves to rather than a full blown six sigma study....
  11. All of our TM samples are manually entered into our LIS with ~9,000 samples accessioned monthly. We do capture pre-analytical errors pertaining to the data entry (eg. mis-spelled names, wrong DOB, wrong test selected, etc.). We have been keeping track of our pre-analytical data entry errors in conjunction with the number of samples registered but I am unable to find any literature to compare it to....? Is anyone aware of any published data regarding "acceptable" lab data entry error rates? Thanks and Happy Easter!
  12. Thank you all for your comments. We do have a system in place for our cancer patients and PAC-OR folks which includes arm-banding. From what I am hearing, any patient considered an "out-patient" (ie. cancer, pre-admit, dialysis) who comes into a hospital and has a T&S drawn would then require some sort of arm-banding or alternative ID process if they were to leave the hospital then come back later in the day or the next day for a transfusion. Correct?
  13. Hi Everyone, Does your facility/region allow for a patient to have their blood sample drawn for a T&S at Facility A and their transfusion given at Facility B? If so, how do you ensure the patient who had their blood drawn at Facility A is the same patient that shows up at Facility B for their transfusion? When I use the example of Facility A and B, they represent separate hospitals within a city; however, the labs are all under one institution and all follow the same P&Ps. thanks.......
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