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  1. Have a really Happy Birthday today!

  2. I agree with tskridge. We use temperature indicators on blood that is kept in remote storage (OR, SICU). I consider a Safe-T-Vue for "blood bank only" use.
  3. Why do you keep 2 in the blood bank? JB
  4. We have stopped this practice a few years ago with out any issues. JB
  5. CAP TRM41475 For patients receiving transfusions that will not be observed by medical personnel post-transfusion, instructions are provided to the patient regarding adverse reactions to transfusion.
  6. I am all for 'no armbands' but if you must use them you can make an exception to your policy for the outpatients - they can take them home in an envelope and bring them back on day of surgery.
  7. Hi David, This is what I found from the FDA - 606.151 Compatibility testing. © Procedures to demonstrate incompatibility between the donor’s cell type and the recipient’s serum or plasma type. I cannot find the FDA requirement for ISXM. Can you post it?
  8. How do you get blood to the patient care area in an emergency?
  9. I may not consider the mixed field pan agglutinin as junk. I would consider it an autoantibody most probably due to autoimmune disease. I would report an eluate positive with all cells. You mentioned that the antibody screen is negative so I would not perform additional testing. I agree with Malcolm, in terms of transfusion it is not considered clinically significant.
  10. Has anyone been cited for not doing an immediate spin crossmatch in addition to a gel crossmatch and they have a validated computer system that detects ABO incompatibility?
  11. Hi everyone, A few years ago many Transfusion Services started performing an immediate spin crossmatch in addition to IgG gel crossmatch even though the Transfusion Service had a validated computer system to detect ABO incompatibility. Is anyone not doing an immediate spin crossmatch in addition to IgG gel crossmatch when the patient has a clinically significant antibody (or history of) when you have a validated computer system to detect ABO incompatibility? If so, why not? has an inspector had a problem with this? what have you based your decision (CAP, AABB)? thanks for your input JB
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