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  1. ebjjwilson

    Negative Control for DAT

    Our facility performs negative control with all DATs. We also use Check Cells in all negative patients AND the negative control. Does anyone else put CC in the negative control? Is it required or necessary since it will always be negative?
  2. ebjjwilson

    Gestational age for fetal screen

    We have always performed Fetal Screen (rosette test) on our 28 week-Antepartum Rhogam patients as well as ER patients that have a trauma or vaginal bleed that are >12 weeks. It sounds to me like we have been doing this all wrong for years, correct?
  3. ebjjwilson

    Data Loggers Recording Intervals

    We are testing out Data Loggers to use instead of paper chart recorders on our frigs and freezers. Are there any particular recording intervals that most people use? If anyone else has used these to replace paper chart recorders, how is that working out for you in regards to CAP inspections?
  4. ebjjwilson

    Chart Recorders vs. Data Loggers

    Occasionally, we have problems with our chart recorders marking the paper or with techs forgetting to change the charts every 7 days. so we are looking at the idea of replacing our frig/freezer chart recorders with USB data loggers. Has anyone had any experience with these? If so, any particular one better than another?
  5. ebjjwilson

    Billing for CPT Code 86970

    Does anyone use this CPT code when pretreating RBC's with PeG for ABSC, ABID and crossmatching?
  6. Welcome to the forums ebjjwilson :)


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