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  1. Have been in two facilities and both had Helmer 8-unit baths with no problems.
  2. NOT Norlake, had to return ours after nothing but trouble, couldn't even rotate stock without the temp dropping for hours and having to deal with the alarm... replaced with Thermo and has been fine.
  3. Ours was weak, too...but still obviously positive.
  4. What are your facilities doing about these "nonspecific" antibodies??? Are you designating them as unidentified and doing AHG crossmatches or are you considering the Ab screens to be negative? We use a computer crossmatch here for our patients with negative Ab screens. Glad to hear we aren't the only ones chasing our tails, still not interested in returning to Gel at this point.
  5. :cries:We had been seeing an issue with lot #R084 of the ready screen strips...cell #2 has been positive in Females under 40. When the Ready ID was run there was no specific pattern seen, only 2 cells would be positive and these weren't an identifiable antibody. We had 9 patients with this problem in our 16 boxes of this lot #. We are now using lot#R094 and seem to be having a problem with screening cell #2, again. This time both the Ready ID and the Extend I are completely negative??? Has anyone else had issues with these lot #'s??? Could this be Bg activity??? Not well versed on Bg and HTLA antibodies, would appreciate input.
  6. We had quite a few of these during the months of Jan and Feb. Quite a few of our patients are on ACE inhibitors, so I'm wondering if this may be playing a role in this situatiuon. We hadn't thought about the COLD angle, but will definately remember this next winter, if we see this again. Thought it might have been a lot# issue on the ECHO??? Didn't like the gel because of the rouleaux rxs, now don't know what to make of this solid phase issue???
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