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  1. Tech repeated and got the correct result. I do not know if maybe she picked the wrong thing on the sheet. She can not remember and did not save the cards that she used. I just want to make sure I have a corrective action in place for JC that is sufficient. Any suggestions?
  2. We missed one sample on proficiency testing for compatibility testing. Any suggestions on what to do to prove that the tech is competent and something I can show that we did to show JC when they come for inspection. First one we have ever missed.
  3. What all do you report in your Blood Utilization Committee meetings?
  4. I need to develop internal testing for competency. How would I go about doing that? Any suggestions? I need to "doctor" samples so I can access competency after a missed PT. Any suggestions would be appreciated. If you have any SOP's or guides that would be great. Thank you.
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