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  1. Rachel S

    In Vivo Hemolysis

    Does anyone have a good resource for finding if certain drugs have been known to cause mild-moderate in vivo hemolysis in patients?
  2. I have two options: 1. Only have the T/S recv by the automated line, immediately taken off the line, brought over to BB who would then spin it down 2. Have the specimens also be spun down on the line, kicked off the line, brought over to BB (already centrifuged) How has your BB handled this situation?
  3. Rachel S

    WAA Formation

    Patient comes in with no history. Ortho gel panel A is all positive. DAT in gel is positive. Eluate in gel panel A has two negative cells, gel panel B is all positive with the eluate (strength of reactivities 1-2+). Our policy for the ABID is to send to our reference lab if it is also positive in tube. I feel like it is a WAA just forming bleeding through into ABID. How should I proceed with the eluate? Has anyone seen a WAA that has two negative reactions in gel? Thanks!

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