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  1. Will you please share the frequency your facility performs vital signs during a blood transfusion?
  2. Kim D

    Separate Blood Bank Armbands

    We use Blood Bank arm band and have no plans to discontinue. We also require ABO retype if our patient does not have historical blood type and is not type "O"
  3. Kim D

    Blood Transfusions

    Do your RN's perform transfusion verifications and initial vitals or do you have LPN's perform/assist with these task?
  4. Kim D

    Gold Medal.

    That is awesome news and well deserved!!!!!
  5. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  6. Has anyone performed the new software update for the Vision analyzer? How did it go?
  7. Does anyone have a problem with mold growth in diluent 2 that is being rotated on and off the Vision analyzer. We are currently loading a Diluent 2 and Diluent 2+ set each morning and rotating the set back to the refrigerator after 24 hours on board. Due to low usage after 3 weeks we have mold growth
  8. How long does it take for you to use up a bottle of diluent 2 or do you discard any unused after a certain time period
  9. Has anyone performed the recently released software update and are you having any issues since the update or when performing the update? Does anyone have a problem with mold growth in diluent 2 that you rotate on/off the analyzer? Do you rotate on and off every 24 hours or more frequently?
  10. Kim D

    Daily Reagent QC requirements

    We were cited by CMS for not having negative control for Anti A, Anti B, Referencecells and Selectogens 1-3. We had just had our AABB/CAP inspection with no issues and felt we followed Immucor package insert. I would add negative QC because it is simple and I could not win the battle
  11. Kim D


    Made my day today to see the lights, popped a few bulbs for good measure. Merry Christmas to all and thank you for great discussions!!!!!
  12. Kim D

    In Vivo Crossmatch

    Does anyone still policies for using an in vivo crossmatch?
  13. Kim D

    How do you issue?

    We are currently having nursing staff come pick up blood products. They now want 1 nurse off the unit/floor picking up products on 2 differnent patients at the same time. What are thoughts on allowing this practice?
  14. Kim D

    pneumatic tubes--frequency of broken units

    Do you have any concerns with using a pneumatic system for blood products and it arriving as a safe product
  15. Kim D

    Cell Washer pros and cons

    Does anyone have any comments on the new Sorvall model?

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