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  1. galvania


    and I still don't understand why they thought that this patient was polyagglutining anyway!
  2. galvania


    lucky you if you know who the father of the baby is!!!!! Minefield!!
  3. galvania

    contminated blood unit

    Why does he think it might be contaminated? Good reason or not?
  4. Probably no - but more details would be helpful
  5. I am suitably ashamed. But no, I did not put the really naughty one
  6. I just answered this question. My Score FAIL  
  7. galvania

    ORTHO gel cards

    Plus, if you have problems, neither Ortho nor DiaMed (now BioRad) would give you any support I guess
  8. galvania

    ORTHO gel cards

    The reactions you will see in gel cards are based on the ability of un-agglutinated cells to pass through the material in the column to get to the bottom; and agglutinated cells to be retained. The centrifugation speed and the time of centrifugation are carefully calibrated so that that happens. But that is specific to factors such as the size of the card, the weight of the card, and numerous factors relating to the contents of the well (type of gel/beads etc) and everything you add to the well. So as the two cards are not the same, the parameters will need to be different as well.
  9. galvania

    ORTHO gel cards

    Short answer - No, you can't
  10. galvania

    RESt and DARA

    It would appear (not published) that some cells from sub-Saharan African donors MAY nor have CD38 on their red cells. So beware if you have a negative result on cells that are ccD.ee, Fya-b- . This might not exclude an anti-CD38. I have seen two such cells and have had reports on others
  11. galvania

    Group O Whole Blood, Low Titer

    I would not be in favour of going back to whole blood transfusions (except in countries where they have no choice!). The point about 'everything being present in the one bag' is fine - if the donor has only just been bled. But that is not likely to be the case. How many active clotting factors remain after the blood bag has been stored for a couple of weeks?
  12. galvania

    5 months with all positive tests!

    So you have a forward group that is positive with anti-A, -B, -AB, -D and the control; and the reverse group is positive in all cells and the antibody screen and panel (and, I imagine the auto control) is positive in everything. It sounds as though you do not have a single negative result. This sounds to me like a cold AIHA, possibly due to medication, possibly secondary to another hematological disease (leukaemia?), possibly post infection. Do you have any other clinical information you can give us?
  13. Sorry guys but you've got it wrong about the witches. she was a witch if she DID NOT drown - in which case she was burned at the stake. whether she had anti-D or not!
  14. I have actually seen a number of these beasts - usually as a result of a complaint that cell x did not pick the cell up when cell y did - and cell y just happened to be a K+k-. Usually these were antibodies that were detected years ago and whose levels have now fallen, predictably, with time. The pragmatic point is - you are never going to get every single set of screening cells with a k- cell in them. If you've got one, great - use it! If you haven't I still would not lose any sleep over it. Malcolm's points above are of course totally relevant as usual
  15. The word 'significant' is interesting in this context. In most of -Europe antibodies that are detected only in enzymes, including the enzyme-only anti-Es and -Cws would NOT be considered significant and most of the time would not be detected in the first place. Nor would the numerous anti-Lea, -Leb and -P1 that you would pick up. Always assuming that you are working with a sensitive IAT in the first place, of course.

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