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  1. Reagents

    Just for info - CellStab is not a LISS solution and Diluent 2 is - but you can't store red cells in dil 2 because they will haemolyse after a while
  2. Help with ABO Group

    Definitely an A subgroup. But clearly with an anti-A1 so best to transfuse group O. Tube is actually MORE sensitive than gel for ABO
  3. Gel and tube discrepancy in antibody screen

    Every 6 months???? Why? what are you hoping to prove? What do you do if there is a discrepancy as above? Switch methods??
  4. C3d positive on cord sample

    My question would be - I wonder where the complement is coming from? Is this maternal complement crossing the placenta that is being activated by the maternal anti- Kidd antibodies attaching to the baby's Kidd antigens? Or is this the baby activating its own complement as a reaction to the antigen-antibody reaction? and is the baby's Hgb and bili still normal? Why isn't this baby haemolysing?
  5. What to transfuse?

    as this case has been resurrected, did you ever get to the bottom of this guy's Rh phenotype? My guess is an R1r' with the D being a weak D.
  6. Regardless of how many tests you carry out to validate, please remember one thing. If you have problems with results in the future, neither manufacturer will take responsibility unless their IFUs specifically state that you are allowed to cross over like this

    You are trying to make 3% screening cells from 3% panel cells???
  8. Christmas 2017

    Which just goes to show how inbuilt sexism is......
  9. Christmas 2017

    and on Earth, Mars and Venus, grant Men the ability to recognise that about half of us are actually Women..............
  10. Rh+K Phenotype Validation

    Hi Jermin I think there are a couple of points here that seem to me to be a bit confused. 1. 'The DiaMed reagents are, but not the NBS reagents. Thanks for that question, as it slipped my mind. ' You won't be using NBS reagents to do your Rh phenotype on the IH1000. All you will be using are the cards, which are what you are using now, and diluent 2, which you are using now. 2. I was planning on getting the reagent cells, centrifuge them to separate from the preservative it is in, then resuspend it in PBS. No, Jermin you really cannot do this. It is not the preservative that is the issue, but the concentration. The samples you put on the analyser need to be packed cells - and you need enough packed cells for the instrument's needle to be able to aspirate the correct amount. If you spin down reagents, even if they are at 3-5%, you will not have enough cells in the pellet; even less so if you them dilute them with PBS - which you should never use with the cards anyway as it can cause trailing. 3. I wish I knew how I could do that. I will need to probably check with the manufacturer's reagent sheet and see what sort of limitations and discrepancies there might be, otherwise it might be beyond me. You are currently using the same cards and the same Diluent to carry out your manual testing as you will be using on the Instrument. Any discrepancies you see will come about because of manipulation error only. Can I suggest that you contact the local Biorad rep who installed the instruments and ask them to help you with this?
  11. Rh+K Phenotype Validation

    sorry Exlimey, didn't mean to be snippy. anna
  12. Rh+K Phenotype Validation

    Exlimey - Yes, of course the reagents are licensed to use on the instrument. This is BioRad reagents in the UK. And there are already LOTS of labs in the UK working with these reagents on this instrument. And the cards used on the Instruments are the SAME cards that are used manually; and the Diluent is the same in the two techniques too, so no differences there to worry about Jermin - you could never use reagents as positive controls on the instrument. First of all, if you leave it in the reagent bottle, then the instrument will be looking for something in the sample rack and give you an error message. If you transfer it to a tube and put it in the sample rack, the Instrument will dilute it down - then you will end up with a 1% suspension of a 1% suspension - and you won't be able to see anything! Don't you have some QC tubes that are K+? I presume you have been correctly doing QC for your manual technique?
  13. Or could it simply be sepsis causing haemolysis?
  14. BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    No, wouldn't let me. Maybe I answered it in my sleep.........
  15. BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

    I'll try and see what happens anna