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  1. Yes, Meditech has a back up system that we have on a computer that is used for that sole purpose. And it is also on emergency power supplies.
  2. Thank you jayinsat and DebbieL for the input! That is what I thought, but just wanted to make sure. We do have a backup computer that updates constantly as well. Luckily the techs are all wanting to make these changes too so it is easy to get them onboard. The hardest part is making sure I do everything appropriately. It was easy when I was a senior tech to come up with ideas on how to improve, but the execution wasn't up to me.
  3. I am a new supervisor and have come here many times in the past for insight into problems. I am still learning the best ways to see if and how changes can be made. I work in a BB that had the same supervisor for over 30 years, so not much has changed. Things are done a certain way "because that's always how it was done." I have been slowly making changes to remove unnecessary and redundant work. We currently use patient history cards for documenting antibody workups and transfusions for patients with antibodies, but we also have Meditech. I have worked in places before with these cards, but just as a source for history they were never actively being updated. Since we have everything in Meditech can we just stop updating the cards and creating new ones, and only use them as a source of patient history? Is the only barrier to stopping use of them that you have an electronic record? Thanks.
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