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  1. I didn't work at my current lab when they brought BB software online. I am suspecting that the continuation of triple documentation is out of habit rather than need. I am trying to bring fresh eyes to the situation, I may very well bring up the fact that we could go completely digital. However, I'm taking baby steps right now, especially since our "mother" hospital also still employs the card catalog with the same software and they are 2x bigger than we are.
  2. Hi, We currently use HCLL in conjuction with EPIC for our blood bank software. We also have a manual blood bank log to record our testing reactions and a card catalog of 3x5's that contain patient info, test results (not reaction grades), and xm units. I want to get rid of the log book as I think it causes more clerical errors and wastes time with having to put results in three different places. I want to migrate to just using HCLL and a 4x6 card that will allow us to put results and reaction grades directly on the card. Have any of you done this before and how did you go about it? I was thinking that we would have two card catalogs for a while a "New" and "old" while new patients' would be started on the new 4x6 cards and returning patients would get a new card and we somehow affix the original card to it? Thought? Pointers? Thank you!
  3. Hi, I am currently Co-lead of blood bank of a medium sized hospital in central IL. While I have been a generalist MLT (with blood banking) for 14 years, I am currently going back for my bachelors and will be shopping for an SBB program. I guess I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up Looking forward to learning and sharing here.
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