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  1. With three years of experience. No shift differential, this is morning shift job. I don’t know the pay rates, that’s y posted this question. health benefits, retirement plan etc
  2. Hi All, im new in Michigan state, and don’t know much the pay rate of med technologist ASCP. I got a job offer of $29/hr plus benefits. What’s the start pay rate for med technologist? Is it a good offer or should I deny? Please reply. Thanks
  3. UTECH

    New MLS

    Thanx... ward_X and Malcom Needs for ur supportive input.
  4. UTECH

    New MLS

    Thanks Ward_X. Yes you r right about taking notes, it helps. I’m still taking some. But sometimes I overthink and ask questions (straight forward), which makes other people sometimes think that I don’t know the stuff.
  5. UTECH

    New MLS

    Hi, This forum is very knowledgeable. I’m kind of new to this forum. I’m a new MLS got my first job, in a mid size hospital. I’m looking for suggestions on how to be a successful/competitive MLS. Thanks
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