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  1. Are there some general rules to utilizing the ISBT Product Code Database? If I start with frozen product E7641, how do I determine what the thawed product codes would be? My head is spinning trying to figure out the components getting made from some of these frozen products. Thank you, Jessie
  2. We currently use 12 weeks as well and only stock full doses. For those facilities using 20 weeks: Are you willing to share the references you are citing for the 20 week fetus having a < 30 ml blood volume?
  3. Hi Amanda. Our LIS specialist is already aware of the issue and is working with Meditech to expand the character limit for that field! Thank you for you offer for assistance. We are all set!! Jessie
  4. We finally figured this out the other day! We are in MT 6.08. We use test code N0125 in the "Special Test Code" field of our ISBT print prompt. All Meditech needs to do for us now is expand the character limit for us so that we can fit the entire comment. Not sure if that helped anyone! Jessie
  5. Hi Jennifer. We are in the same boat. We have Meditech looking into it, but have not received a response yet. I am ordering pre-printed labels for now... just in case. Jessie
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