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Our old Jewett refrig came with these mounting strips on the shelves in which you could insert a paper label "Unprocessed" etc. The strips were held on by an adhesive which gave up the ghost after a decade or so. Now I have labels from a Dymo label printer (they have very cool ones which work from your PC - my favorite lab toy) that I stick directly on the ends of the shelves. If you remove the shelf and let it warm up and/or wipe any moisture off and quickly apply your label they stick pretty well. Mine have been on for a couple of years and still are in good shape. The labels peel off pretty easily too.

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On 12/4/2015 at 5:09 PM, mollyredone said:

That's a great idea, but our shelves are stainless steel and magnets won't work.

You mean aluminium? Stainless steel is magnetic.


We use little sucker cups with a hook on to hang laminated signs (also great for putting lights around the window). Velcro isn't liked by the H&S bods...

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We used magnets in the fridge for years where I used to work.  We used them for the crossmatched units for each day.  Instead of moving all of the blood to the 2 day shelf, we just moved the label each day.  I think after we got the new fridge we had to do something else because they wouldn't stick to the drawers.  I can't remember now 7+ years later what we did.

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