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What barrier method are you using to ensure that the blood bag reaches the correct patient?
I am researching to update and increase security in the service I work for.
I appreciate all the contribution,

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We still use a clerical check on the paper Transfusion Record then all records come back to the blood bank for review.  If they don't fill the clerical check on perfectly (2 medical staff signatures, full date and time completed) I put in a safety report.  It's one of nursing's performance improvement plans to be >95% each month.  I would rather they do the 'double check' in the computer but we don't have Epic BPAM (blood product admin module) set up to match the results filed when we issue the product to the barcodes they enter at the beside before transfusion.  

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We have a blood transfusion administration module in our HIS, on receipt on the ward they have to scan the unit against the patients electronic record, if it doesn't match the patient it was issued for, it will not allow them to proceed with the administration. I am working to further enhance this by incorporating patient wrist band scan at the same time at the patients bed side. 

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