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  1. That is my practice, and the practice of the preceeding blood banker. Just what we do.
  2. We give Rh positive to males and females >45 for traumas and MTP's. The medical director still wants to be made aware of the switches though.
  3. Usually the only reason that we do any testing after a downtime is if the LIS has been updated, and then it is not heavily involved since I have done all the testing pre downtime.
  4. I also have a policy in my policy and procedures stating the same and also stating that the blood bank is not responsible, but the medical director is available for consultation.
  5. I do have a disclaimer for the cell saver because an outside company operates the unit during procedures, and I have never been questioned about the cell saver by CAP or JC,
  6. You are most definitively preaching to the choir.
  7. It's because cardboard boxes or shipping containers can carry dirt and other contaminants and introduce them to new environments. Also, nasty vermin such as roaches love cardboard.
  8. We leave them in the shipping box and take only 5 or so out at a time, then directly into the refer.
  9. We use Capture, and we as well have seen an increased number of weak reaction at immediate spin.
  10. I actually pulled the package insert for our panoscreen cells from Immucor, and on page 2 the insert actually says add plasma, then cells and mix. The the next line says add potentiator, the step to do the immediate spin is no longer present. I would never have noticed this if not for this blog. There is a note that if desired the immediate spin can be performed. I do believe that I will be having a discussion with my Director and Medical Director so that I can change the procedure because if it is not needed (which in my humble opinion it is not necessary) then we need to get rid of the steps. scott
  11. We stop the transfusion and initiate the transfusion reaction procedure. And until the workup is complete (minus any micro), the patient is unable to receive any other products. Normally it is just something with the donor plasma and Benadryl should cover and propholactically thereafter prior to transfusion. Normally the physicians order Tylenol before the transfusions, so adding Benadryl is not an issue.
  12. I use BCTA also with the checks online. I have looked at the Blood Locks but have not decided as of yet
  13. I use the temp-chek, if they are issued in a cooler, otherwise 15 minutes.
  14. I have even gone so far as to tell the nurse taking care of the patient that when they learned the patient's name and not the room number to give me a call back and we will discuss the patient at that time.
  15. We send our KB's to another hospital in our division and get nice 2-4 hr turn around time. They use flow. We started using them because the local ARC does not perform KB's, and with only 6 or 7 a year we couldn't justify the cost for performing them inhouse.
  16. I have wondered that myself, it just suddenly appeared when we bought our new hematrax printer.
  17. ARC does not allow stock supplies of the COVID plasma. On the somewhat same note, how do you take care of your AB patients when the blood center cannot or will not supply AB convalescent plasma?
  18. We too use ARC. The pack slips have the order number on them so that you can match up the order numbers. When we get orders for the convalescent plasma, we order the plasma and on the order printout, we note the patient name, then once the plasma arrives, we match up the pack list with the order printout. In the meantime, we keep all the orders and their respective printouts on our metallic white board, that is basically the only way that we have found to somewhat keep abreast of the orders.
  19. I marked it down as N/A since it has to do with AMR's and such. At least that is my thinking. During our CAP inspection in September, my inspector didn't give it a second thought.
  20. As of yet, we have been unable to migrate BCTA into the OR. But our division is looking to force the issue and put it in the OR regardless.
  21. I use Meditech and do not have any paper. As to histories, we look up each patient history when we get specimens on the patient. Normally on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I download a copy of patient histories onto a DVD in case of Ransom Ware Attacks. The file is downloaded and saved as a Word file that is accessible from any PC.
  22. I am not aware of a free PDF download of the TM. I guess you will have to purchase the TM.
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