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  1. We'll be migrating to Epic in the next year or two. Probably with Wellsky or whatever HCLL is called. I know it probably depends on the organization, but is there much building to do with Epic or does a lot come standard with no customizing? We're currently using Meditech 6.0.
  2. Hello all. Am I the only one that doesn't get hemocytometer controls. We run a liquid control when we do them, but it really seems that manual counts should be an issue of competency with a validated hemocytometer, not a qc issue. Even if you get a manufactured disposable hemocytometer with multiple counting areas you're only running qc on two areas that you don't even use for counting the patients. So it seems that QC is assessing the tech performance rather than the hemocytometer. Particularly if using an old glass one with the same coverslip over and over.
  3. Hello all. I have Vision and we have two of the Ortho Sera reagents that we use, the weak D and anti-K. The problem with doing antigen typing for us is that we don't do enough of it to get the Ortho antigen typing cards. If we got one sleeve of Anti-E cards we'd probably have to throw some away at the expiration date. Same with any of the other Rh cards they offer. What would be ideal for us and probably a lot of places is Ortho Sera for Rh antigens because the antisera has a much longer expiration date - 18 to 24 months I think. I asked our rep if they planned on producing those and he said t
  4. Okay! Here's the deal. Cytotherm has gone under. A former employee has taken over the service parts and started his own business that hopefully lasts as long as the thawers do. We ordered 2 bladders from him and got them the next day! The website is called Cytosupplies. https://www.cytosupplies.com/ First purchase is via credit card and then after that you can get set up in his system for POs. So spread the word to get this guy some business so we don't have to fork out a bunch for all new thawers.
  5. Anyone else have a cytotherm thawer and find it impossible to get the replacement bladders? I've tried all of the numbers and email and gotten no response. Have they gone under? I even tried calling the fax number and a fax machine picked up. It's a mystery.
  6. We just went live with doing weak D on the Vision with Ortho Sera. I also got the anti-K set up as well, but haven't rolled that out to everyone. On the Provue we ran some antigen typing using the IS XM and IgG XM to cross the antisera to the unit cells. I have figured out how this can be done on the Vision as well. The question is, as long as I do a validation, can I proceed with using it? I would be using another company's antisera barcoded to run on the machine. Ortho has made a big deal about their new Ortho Sera being specifically for gel, but I know people have been using antisera i
  7. I do this as well and put them into a network folder where we'll probably keep them for 10 years. Maybe. I only scan them once a quarter on a big copier that can do them all, then it emails me a pdf. Sometimes the files can get big so at the end of the year I use a compression program to shrink them down and save server space (7-zip).
  8. I would think that if that were the case it should say: "Once the product vials are opened, the reagent's performance characteristics are maintained for seven days when stored at recommended temperatures and within its original vial. Do not use this product after seven days of being opening."
  9. This is the problem with peer to peer inspections, I interpret it differently and unfortunately the wording is less precise than previously and open for interpretation. Interpretation, though well-informed, is still opinion. The new line doesn't say that the performance characteristics end or that it cannot be used after seven days. It would seem that a lab could validate them for longer use as long as they did a decent study and include things like examining for hemolysis, reactivity strength over time, etc. So far I can't get the updated PDF from the Quotient website.
  10. I recently received a notice that Quotient has updated the IFU for the AlbaQ's. They removed the line: "Once opened, vials can be used for seven days." They replaced it with: "Once the product vials are opened, the reagent's performance characteristics are maintained for seven days when stored at recommended temperatures within its original vial." To me this opens up the possibility of using them until the reagent expiration date. Of course that would depend on a validation study. I've kept old ones around and they seem to never lose their reactivity. Even to the point that they
  11. We very rarely resort to running manual gel so I gave up doing the controls on it daily a few years ago. We run them if the Vision is down, but of those rare times we have to run manual stuff the reagents have been QCd on the Vision already that day. It makes me wonder if you took the reagents off of the machine to use manually in that case, could you then just do some abbreviated QC. All you'd really be checking is the pipette, incubator, and centrifuge (which work as expected 99.9999% of the time). So I wonder if just running a positive and negative DAT would suffice.
  12. I "review" everything. I put it in quotes because it's actually done automatically thanks to my girlfriend being a SQL report writer in IT. If you have a SQL writer you can have them whip up a report that does the reviews for you and you just stamp it reviewed and take whatever corrective actions you need. I guess this also assumes that your facility is using a TAR system for nursing to enter vitals and whatnot. It's really baffling why we don't see LIS systems taking more into account the regulating agencies and tailoring their software to it. So many things that are manually looked at c
  13. Why interpret it at all until the extended testing is done? It seems this would create confusion among doctors. "It was negative and then it wasn't!"
  14. Officially we say "females less than 50", cheeky man.
  15. Is that 16% all Rh neg women or just ones with FMH? If it's just FMH patients then the overall number of people developing anti-D would be very low. To conserve Rh negative we often give Rh pos instead to anyone except women in child bearing years and I can think of 1 in the past two or three years that actually made an anti-D. I've seen more anti-E and -K develop than anti-D. Allergies, man. Some people get them on the first dose and some never do after twenty.
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