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  1. Hi Blood Bankers, I have a strange question, is it possible to have an anti-Jka that does not react in a ficin panel?? If so, why? Any input on this is greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  2. Hi Ensis01, Do you know if testing the treated cells in the MTS IgG cards (for the DAT and phenotyping) can affect the results in any way?
  3. 3 homozygous cells, unless we are ruling out C or E in the presence of anti-D. In that case we use 3 heterozygous rule outs.
  4. Hi All, I have questions for all Blood Bankers who have or currently perform EGA red cell treatment. My Blood Bank is currently attempting to validate this testing, and I am wondering if there is any special kind of technique involved in using EGA? We seem to be having difficulty in removing the IgG from the sensitized cells, and I am wondering if it is due to technique. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!
  5. David Saikin, Can you perform a PeG adsorption using autologous cells? I thought the whole point of using ZZAP is to free up antigen binding sites on the cells that are currently bound with the autoantibody. How does PeG achieve this?
  6. Hi, My Blood Bank is currently looking to perform autoadsorptions for our patients with warm autoantibodies, as we get quite a few and spend a lot of money sending them out to the reference lab. We recently purchased Immucor’s W.A.R.M. reagent, and we are attempting to validate it. We are comparing our results to what the reference lab reports out to us, but we are running into discrepancies. The last 2 patients that we sent to them, were reported to us as warm reactive autoantibodies present with no underlying allo antibodies. However when we performed absorption’s to compare, our panels showed what looked like antibodies with specificities, after the autoantibody was adsorbed out (one fit a little e pattern, and one looked like an anti-D). Since our results do not correlate with the reference lab results, I called them to find out what they treat their cells with. They said they make a home brew of papain and DTT together. The immucor W.A.R.M. that we used, according to the package insert says that it is lypholized papain and DTT , which is the same. I don’t understand why we would get such discrepant results? If anyone out there has some answers I would totally appreciate it!! How can we move forward with our validation if our results never match? Please help!! 🙂
  7. Sometimes the DAT can be negative due to destruction of the cells. Just because it is negative does not mean that there is not An underlying antibody present. Sooo, if your DAT is positive, regardless of the strength! you should perform the eluate. Sometimes the DAT can be negative due to destruction of the cells. Just because it is negative does not mean that there is not An underlying antibody present. Sooo, if your DAT is positive, regardless of the strength! you should perform the eluate.
  8. t my facility, we currently do not perform antibody Titers. I am the Lead Tech in the Blood Bank, And my supervisor told me that I could write and develop a procedure for doing Titers on prenatal patients. My question is, how can I validate this??? We currently send these Titers to our reference lab, so if I have nothing to test against, how can I validate this for my lab??? Plz help if you can!!!
  9. It doesn't mattrer if the patients antibodies are not showing. That just means that the titer has dropped off to undetectable levels. You should only allocate blood that is e, C, and K negative. DO NOT listen to Whitney poplin!!!! If you give units that are positivevfor those antigens, you can stimulate an immune response, Which will cause a transfusion reaction!!!
  10. Ok,So wouldn't serum be appropriate in this case of the "cold antibody"?? A red top tube does not inhibit complement, so wouldn't that be more conducive to identifying an IgM antibody which is ultimately the cause of a cold??
  11. I guess I am just confused about why pricing is such a secret. I get that it depends on contract, but I am asking in order to get a general price range. I am the Lead Blood Bank Tech at my facility, and We don't currently perform warm autoadsorptions. It seems like lately, we have been getting quite an increased number of patients with a warm auto antibody. I would like to get an idea of the cost of performing adsorptions, so that I can present this info to my supervisor.
  12. In my lab, we are required to perform QC on the expired panels for the antigen that we are trying to rule out/in. When we do this, we are required to use a diluted antisera, as he manufacturer recommends his.
  13. My question is, if the red cells are being destroyed, then how can transfusion ultimately help??
  14. Flying squad?? Theater person?? I am lost by your lingo. Please explain.....
  15. Why is your blood supplier even sending you those types of units? You cannot transfuse FFP from a donor who has an antibody, but aside from that, your blood d supplier should not be sending your facility those type of units. My old hospital had its own blood donation center, and we NEVER sent the other hospitals that purchased blood from us, units that came from a donor with an alloantibody.
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