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  1. Risk Management

    I heard about it at IBMS Congress Although BSH guidlines are good this looks at the human factors too in a process I have a PowerPoint too in relation to blood transfusion if you give me your email I will send it to you https://www.caa.co.uk/Safety-initiatives-and-resources/Working-with-industry/Bowtie/About-Bowtie/Introduction-to-bowtie/ Thanks
  2. Validation of Biorad IH500

    Great thanks for that feedback 😀
  3. What to transfuse?

    Can anyone explain what the CD treated cell test is ? Thanks
  4. Case study mentor

    Sorry gagpinks I can’t share as we don’t get anything interesting am afraid. I will email you. Ta
  5. Allo anti-D

    To clarify it stated it may be of value to perform IAT not that it was a standard test and that history of Prophylactic Anti-D injection should be confirmed. Thanks
  6. Allo anti-D

    I thought not just needed clarification
  7. Allo anti-D

    Just reading about using IAT test at room temp to help distinguish Immune and Prophlactic anti-D. Does any one do this routinely together with quantitation ? Thanks
  8. Validation of Biorad IH500

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has gone through validation of the IH500 analyser and if they could share any issues that may have occurred ? I am currently writing the Validation policy/plan and would be good if we could prempt some of the IQ before it gets to the PQ. I am following the BSH guidelines. Thanks
  9. Risk Management

    Hi All Just wondering if anyone has applied the bowtie method of risk assessment in the context of transfusion labs and what significant 7 elements they have chosen as the basis ? Thanks
  10. Case study mentor

    Hi All This site is great however I was wondering if anyone with transfusion experience would have the time to mentor/tutor me with more complex case studies ? Please message me or send me contact details if you know of anyone else in the field that might be able to do this. Thanks
  11. DAT instead of auto control?

    Is there a standard way of performing an auto control ? I have seen an auto with rr panel cells. If someone could explain Thanks
  12. Thank you all for the education
  13. Just wondering now that is is 2017 whether there have been any incidence of anti-K being produced from a donor transfusion of red cells that were K antigen positive to a K antigen negative patient? Thanks
  14. Pre transfusion testing guidelines 2012

    Hi Malcolm I thought that but then what confused me is that the order of clinical significance starts with blood groups Rh (dosage occurs), KELL etc. Realise that KELL only some times exhibits dosage and that the risks of using heterozygous expression to rule out is acceptable as you have discussed in other posts. Thanks for clarification
  15. Pre transfusion testing guidelines 2012

    Great answers. I am also assuming that the ruling out rule is only for the panel cells not the screening cells? In that case if the example of the heterozygous anti-C negative in IAT and 1+ enzyme was the only cells you could exclude then in effect you are only able to rule out one cell ? The justification for finding r'r' Jk(b-) red cells fair enough but what if there was not an anti-Jkb ? Would you still rule out with one cell? As there are several antibody blood group systems that display dosage not all of these are included in the guidelines 6.2.6 so why these three in particular ? Could you give the possible rationale ? Thanks