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  1. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  2. I just answered this question. My Score PASS  
  3. Amazing and fun campaign out of Community Blood Center of the Carolinas in Charlotte, NC to bring "..awareness about the tremendous and constant demand for blood donors as we work to better support the needs of hospitals and patients in our own communities around the world." Join thousands of others and sign the petition and share the movement with others in our wonderful blood banking/transfusion medicine community and beyond! Write up: http://www.cbcc.us/blog/2028-join-the-blooddonoremoji-campaign Campaign website: http://www.blooddonoremoji.com/
  4. Our collection facility is going to start sending out patient samples and donor units for RBC genotyping on the Immucor Bioarray HEA system and I'm curious as to what this could mean. Will they be able to label units based on the HEA results since it's FDA licensed? will they still need to confirm serologically? Will they need to run more than one donation from the donor to confirm the genotype ("predicted phenotype") before labeling it or confirming serologically? How would this differ if they were using a non-licensed platform like the Grifols ID Core from Progenika? Thanks for any guidance!
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  6. Just out of curiosity.. in your experience, how successful have you been able to remove the CD47 interference? I've read numerous adsorptions using enzyme treated cells have shown to do the trick. Also, the Immucor anti-IgG clone that doesn't detect IgG4, but we haven't seen these type patients yet and are anticipating seeing them soon.
  7. Hello all, We are looking for larger tubes than our normal 12x75 tubes to use when performing adsorptions. I'm finding that a lot of serum glass vacutainer tubes, that would be the perfect size (16x100), are silica-coated. Would this silica coating interfere with any of our adsorptions or post-adsorption testing? Thanks!
  8. BloodBankTalk:Allergic Reaction

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  10. Curious as to the benefits vs. the time it takes to prepare, validate and store these enzyme stock solutions (alpha-chy, pronase and trypsin)? Currently at a reference lab that would likely send antibody to high-incidence antigen workups out as we don't have much access to rare antisera and cells at the moment. However, before we send it out (or while it's being worked up), we would like to at least try a narrow down the classification of the antibody and also perform enzyme and/or DTT treatment on pheno-similar cells, or adsorb out the antibody, to investigate any underlying allo to common antigens. This way we can at least provide the hospital with a preliminary report of the patient phenotype and a potential aby to high-incidence antigen and any ID'd underlying aby. Eventually, when we build up our rare antisera inventory, we'd like to perform these IDs in-house. For now, do you think DTT and papain are sufficient enough since we are sending these workups out anyways? Looking at a few enzyme/chemical reactions on high-prevalence antigen charts and, other than -Yta, trypsin doesn't seem to determine any of these abys.
  11. Thanks for your replies! Yeah I'm seeing that especially with trypsin. Using Judd's Methods (and the BAEE units of activity per mg calculation) and trying to choose a trypsin on Sigma's website has already proven to be quite a headache
  12. Looking for sources of alpha-chymotrypsin, Trypsin and Pronase to help with our ID's of antibodies to high-prevalence antigens. Any suggestions or personal experiences on where to source these enzymes from? We have freeze-dried papain and DTT already in-house. Thanks!
  13. COBE Validation

    Validating a new COBE for a 1-liter RBC wash and a 2-liter RBC wash. When it comes to the PQ, we are setting our expected results and are struggling on how to prove the wash worked as expected. Things like how much volume was lost and the amount of red cells we are able to recover are our main two parameters currently. Should we look into protein levels of the blood before and after the wash to ensure the RBC was adequately washed? Any help and guidance will be much appreciated!
  14. Posted this on the Transfusion Service board and then realized there was an IRL board! As you can tell, I'm new to the board here and excited to interact with you all regarding transfusion news and content! I'm helping bring an IRL online and have a rough draft of IRL workup flow charts that I'm collaborating with other blood bankers in generating. I was wondering if anyone had some to share or knows where to find other charts to cross reference ours too. Specifically flow charts regarding WAIHA workups, cold agglutintin workups and DARA workups. Thanks for any help!