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  1. Most bag manufacturers suggest a diluted bleach solution for RBC bag surfaces. Not sure about platelet bags since they are semi-permeable.
  2. Hello hive mind... Anyone seeing interference from study drugs such as Remdesivir on antibody screen testing? We have seen some COVID + patients come up with weak reactivity in LISS and random (non-patterns) in solid phase. These patients were COVID+ and on a drug study for Remdesivir.
  3. Thank you very much for the responses!
  4. Hello group, Just wanted to ask if anyone else has seen a patient with anti-Vel that is compatible with Vel variant units is LISS and Gel but <1+ incompatible with PEG. Which in this case is the same reactions that we get when RBCs from a known Vel negative unit are crossmatched. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Hello and sorry if this has been posted before (could not find it). We are validating our solid phase analyzer to run elutions on the solid phase panels (comparing it to PEG tube testing). Just wondering, since this is off-label use from the manufacturer, if someone has done this and is calling it a LDT (lab developed test). What do you do regarding competencies etc.? Thanks
  6. Increasingly we are seeing the following and we are wondering about the DAT IgG that we are using and the sensitivity. Mom has antibody, baby cord blood has a negative DAT, we perform an antigen typing on baby (if positive) we perform elution on the cord sample. frequently we are finding that we are able to elute the antibody that mom is positive for from the baby cord cells. Question is this. We are seeing slightly elevated bilirubin on initial and 9 hour posts, along with elevated transcutaneal bilirubin. anyone else seeing this? or does anyone have suggestions?
  7. Thank you for the info. very helpful !!
  8. Interesting case and was wondering if anyone else has seen this with Rhophylac. mom is rh neg, RhIG is given, mom now has passive-D baby has positive DAT on cordblood workup and an anti-D is eluted in the workup most likely from the RhIG that mom received. in both cases the babies bilirubin was elevated slightly and the titer slowly decreased over time and eventually went to 0. Just wanted to throw it out there since we have had 2 cases this year with this problem.
  9. Southern California... Just a quick question also. Are you inoculating the bottles and then sending them to the testing lab or are they performing the inoculation step. Reason that I'm asking is because BioMerieaux states that the inoculation has to occur on site (not several hours before culturing starts)
  10. Thanks for your reply. Sampling is not an issue for us, the lab to run the test is what we are after. Some other commercial lab out there that takes on clients for this type of testing.
  11. Quick question to the group... Since CTS is discontinuing the BacT testing services for platelet product QC at the end of the year, does anyone have another testing lab that they use for this test? Thanks
  12. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has experience with the validation of an Amicus Apheresis instrument used for therapeutic phlebotomy. I will be writing a validation plan in the near future and wanted to get some input for the PQ portion. Thanks D
  13. Hello, I was wondering who uses Sunquest with EPIC (hospital EMR) with the BPAM (blood product administration module). Looking to get some insight for validation in blood bank, rough patches that were encountered, barriers that were overcome to go live. Thanks :-)
  14. ...attach a note to container that the blood product is in that reads that "This product must be delivered to the patient care area without delay" or something to that effect. In the end, everyone gets trained every time they pick up a product. This would account for all the techs and volunteers that come and get blood products depending on the facility where you work. Just a thought :-)
  15. Just a question about that. How do you account for the variability? Since all of these cellular reagents (antibody screen cells, antibody ID panels) are human derived and each lot has different donors, how do you compare them?
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