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  1. We just had an API AFB survey where the specimen was put on the back of the slide... Not the labeled side. After the staining process, the specimen circle didn’t take on any color and nothing would come in focus. I stained the other side and sure enough, positive!!!! API’s response, is we should notice where the specimen is regardless of the labeling!
  2. Is there a requirement to perform tachometer checks on a cytospin? The CFR's only state centrifuges and serofuges. Is it specifically required by CAP?
  3. Yes, they take temps every 15 minutes, we ended up with a whole lotta data!!!


    Anyone using the Xpert Xpress Flu kit on their GeneXpert? Are you purchasing the manufacturers QC material or reconstituting it to make your own? We were left out of the loop from the distributor.
  5. If it's waived, don't you just have to establish IQCP and state safety measures in the policy...
  6. We just got a new Previ gram stainer/cytospin. Does anyone know what requirements are needed to get it up an running? We performed a patient correlation and are currently in 20 days of consecutive QC. I wasn't sure if the 20 days of QC were applicable for a gram stainer. Hematology just got a new wright stainer and did not have to do 20 days of QC... Just wondering. I am actually a blood banker turned microbiologist and do not know the basics of CLSI requirements...


    Why he secrecy about the methodology. They are a running laboratory in California, so why is there no I for yet? They are opening in Walgreens soon, so I still think it's odd with all the secrecy in the company!
  8. We have had the Vista for a year now and love it. It is low maintenance and very fast. It requires a moderate to heavy processing facility or you may have more engineering issues. I have used the Centaur previously and like it over the Architect. The Centaur was easy to use and calibrations went smoothly and it was half the size of the Architect.
  9. Where is the specimen storage on millenium? We have been using a simple excel spreadsheet and that works well, but it would be great to have it linked to our LIS! Does it print specimen locations on your pending list?
  10. MARINA


    We use the GTI PF4 IgG. It took some practice getting the manual pipetting to work through washing, but it has been successful in our lab for a few years. We have had a handful of false positives, but if they did not fit the clinical picture we sent out the specimen for a seritonin release assay for confirmation. GTI's is the kit used at the other hospital in town. It takes about 2 hours with washing and adding reagent every thirty minutes.
  11. What does your facility practice concerning repeat slide reviews/differentials on the same day. CBC's that are performed on chemo or bone marrow patients with critical counts that reflex review criteria. Do you look at several slide reviews on the same patient a day?
  12. We had the same issue with a patient clogging up the pump. We immedialtely called our reference blood center and the pathologist there spoke with the anesthesiologist and perfussionist. They decided to up the temperature on the pump about 2 degrees. It seemed to work and did not clog up the pump anymore. They did not want to make this policy and decided to look at it on a case by case basis.
  13. Just recd this the other day. It is fabulous!!! It may be too much info for non-blood bankers since it is very thorough. Kuddos!!!
  14. I am not involved with the organization, but our local college football team is using them while they play, so that if an injury happens on the field they can receive treatment at the nearest hospital faster. They say on the website that they are hipaa approved. I think it is interesting for a blood bank to get involved.
  15. This is a sight for medical personnel to download important data concerning health indications for patients. I am wondering if antibodies could be added to this sort of thing and if we could offer this service to patients who had a newly identified antibody at your hospital. Just wondering if this would make it easier fr us to share blood bank information on a global scale like irradiation/antibodies/other significant problems. Check out the sight. http://invisiblebracelet.org/site/sections/1-the-national-emergency-health-registry
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