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  1. Dkadrums

    Paperless QC entry

    Has anyone had success with Adobe or even Excel in creating QC entry forms for antigen typing? We are loosing Meditech in the Spring and have had that option-love it! Now we are faced with going back to paper, which no one wants to do.
  2. Dkadrums

    Electronic Quality Control

    Has anyone had success with Adobe Pro? I have heard the information can be saved into a folder daily by the techs from a desktop master form. I really want something other than paper as we are loosing our current computer entry QC. Going to Sun Quest in the spring.
  3. Dkadrums

    False Positive KB test

    I do like the idea of a false negative better. I am sure of what I saw and my techs are competent in staining and counting. The flow sample was set out with a TAT of two days. We will see if mom is a negative KB when she comes back for delivery.
  4. Dkadrums

    False Positive KB test

    In all the years we have performed Kleihauer-Betke in our lab, I have never seen a false positive. (Our patients with Hemoglobinopathies are always sent for flow) This year we did see a patient at 26 week gestation, who came in with a hard blow to the stomach. She had a positive Kleihauer-Betke stain and was given 2 doses of RhoGam. She was also sent for ultra sound and the physician could not see any bleed. We sent the sample off to our reference lab for flow testing and it came back as 0.0% for fetal bleed. Our procedure states when a stain is positive, it is to be repeated by another tech. This procedure was followed and the tech's counts were within acceptable limits. Our pathologist reviewed both techs slides and agreed that the counts were correct. I have not been able to explain this to the attending physician's satisfaction. This patient now has been flagged to send sample out for flow and not perform the KB stain in house after delivery. Any other ideas out there?
  5. Dkadrums

    Positive Control for DAT on Vision

    I do like the method purposed using the ALBAQ control # 4 as the DAT positive. We had been making our own as described but this is definitely a better way. Thanks so much!
  6. Dkadrums

    Positive Control for DAT on Vision

    We make our positive and negative DAT controls using discarded unit segments. Place the Rh negative blood from 4 to 5 segments in a 12 x 75 glass tube labeled DAT negative and blood from the Rh positive units, again 4 to 5 segments is enough, with 2 drops of anti-D in a tube labeled DAT positive. Invert the tube with the anti-D to mix. Centrifuge the tubes and place on the analyzer. Use the Assign to Position Icon to identify the DAT samples, then choose Apply to Sample. We registered our DAT control as dat pos and dat neg, so they are recognized when we assign the position.These DAT control last about two weeks for us and work just great (and probably would last longer). We keep a log of the unit numbers used in the preparation of the samples and the unit expiration dates.
  7. Dkadrums

    Data Loggers Recording Intervals

    We are trying our best to go completely paperless. I was planning to download the information in spreadsheet and graph as advertised by the company with electronic signature for documentation. At least that is the plan when we have approval for the purchase.
  8. Dkadrums

    Data Loggers Recording Intervals

    We are looking at the Helmer iB125 for our blood bank with continual temperature monitoring. Temperature is logged at one minute intervals and the unit has a USB port to download this temperature data. The unit does come with chart option. I have posed the question to CAP and have been told as long as we validate (and keep that documentation for inspectors) and record a numerical value daily to demonstrate functionality, we can download from the port and review weekly. YEA, no charts!!
  9. Dkadrums


  10. Dkadrums

    0.8 Surgiscreen, vial # 2 reactions

    We have started making 0.8 cells from our 3% just this week, and all testing was negative. Thank you for the validation.
  11. Is anyone having 1+ reactions with 0.8% Surgiscreen cell number 2 that either show very few scant reactions or no reactions at all with panels A and B.? We have opened new boxes of the same lot, VSS789, but still have the random 1+ positive on cell number 2. We have had 6 patient samples, both Rh positive and Rh negative since we started this lot on 02/03/16. Very frustrating for my techs.

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