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  1. Finish can be scheduled via print scheduler so it can be done automatically.
  2. If you wash, plasma reduce, or specify the product as an open system, then the Bacterial Monitoring/Testing attribute value would need to be omitted. In Soft, our LIS system there is a field in the blood product setup to enter outdate for a open system. Every time product is divided, new label prints with product code with -A0, B0... and expiration D/T and label requires the label verification. So I am wondering if divided LVDS platelets can be labeled with the same product code with A0, B0....division and 4 hours expiration or not.
  3. At our hospital, when apheresis platelets are aliquoted in the syringe we just change the expiration to 4 hours instead of changing the product code.
  4. I think SoftBank does let you crossmatch as long as an active TS is there.
  5. I need guidance from the SoftBank users. We want to make Pooled Cryo (E3592) by pooling 5 units of single Cryo. If anyone is willing to share the Soft setup, will be a big help to me. Thanks,
  6. Hello, SoftBank Users using Grifols Erytra for performing antiglobulin crossamatch? The AHG test have both test phases, Immediate Spin and AHG? If so then if you are willing to share the AHG test set up, will be very helpful to speed up the process. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks,
  7. Sorry, replying late. I received two emails, one was about the component prep and second one with 'not intended to send" in the subject line. I just read the component prep email, it will help me to build the test but still lot of confusion which will get clear when I start building the test. Thank you for taking time to respond the post.
  8. Hello, Do you have Soft as your LIS system? I am interested to know how QC and tests are set up in SoftBank. Do you transfuse aliquots of PGD tested platelets to the neonatal patients? Any help is appreciated. Many Thanks,
  9. We are thinking of implementing PGD testing on day 5, 6 and 7. If any Soft users using PGD testing are willing to share QC and Test set up settings with us. Thanks in advance for any help.
  10. I agree with Malcolm, definitely looks like anti-H.
  11. Are these CONVALESCENT PLASMA thawed codes E9752, E9762, E9763, E9764 and E9765 for24hrs or 5 days expiration? Thanks,

    1. AMcCord


      This is info from the ARC website. There are answers to quite a few questions, so it might be worth your time to check it out. If you get your product from another supplier, check their website for info. I'm betting they have something similar set up because everybody has questions right now.

      We don't convert any plasma to 5 day outdates at my facility (FFP use is not frequent) and don't have the capability to relabel, so I set all of our outdates to 24 hours for thawed plasma. I plan on treating this stuff like liquid gold - I won't thaw it until the nurse is absolutely 100% ready to transfuse.








    2. LK11
  12. I'm also working on a build for convalescent plasma for the frozen plasma codes provided by ARC.  I found thawed codes for them, see below if anyone interested.

    Frozen Convalescent Plasma


    Thawed Convalescent Plasma

    E9747 Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/<=-18C|COVID-19  --> E9752 Thawed Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/refg|COVID-19
    E9754 Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/<=-18C|1st container|COVID-19  --> E9762 Thawed Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/refg|1st container|COVID-19
    E9755 Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/<=-18C|2nd container|COVID-19  --> E9763 Thawed Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/refg|2nd container|COVID-1
    E9756 Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/<=-18C|3rd container|COVID-19  --> E9764 Thawed Apheresis CONVALESCENT PLASMA|ACD-A/XX/refg|3rd container|COVID-19



  13. yes, if patient gets transfused then outdate needs to be changed to 3 days. I believe there are some hosparam settings to change the outdate automatically.
  14. We use Soft as our LIS system and looking in the possibility of extending outdate of Type and Screen specimens to 27 days for outpatients. There are hosparam which can be set for outpatients and inpatients in Soft but I don't know how they will play in different situations. If anyone using Soft system and extending the outdate of TS then please advise. thanks,
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