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  1. Am I reading this correctly? Doesn't it state that it is for non-licensed individuals? If you are licensed as an MT, MLT, CLS etc. it appears to me that this does not pertain to those employees. I would say the state is trying to make sure everyone is accounted for in some shape fashion or form in the medical field and protect the safety of the patient as much as possible.
  2. Don't reference labs/hospital labs use many things outside of IFU? These things are used to aide in the identification of antibodies. They are not used solely for ID, as that would be ridiculous. Just like using expired panels, only, to ID antibodies. Expired panels are only used to help rule in/out. It seems that validation would be the fact that DTT works when the controls work.
  3. If anyone is using PBS (made with pHix) you can adjust your pH with pHix to meet the 8.0 criteria or you could you the base buffering solution from an elution kit. We add this to already prepared PBS until the pH reaches 8.0. It only takes a few drops in 32mLs.
  4. Recently changed from Sorval to Helmer. I am in love. Hoping that we don't have to replace heads as often either. Those things are quite expensive.
  5. I am curious to know how this validation is coming along. We do several DARA patients a month, and I'm all for saving my techs time. We have also experienced issue when we try to hold on to treated RBCs longer than a couple of hours.
  6. We don't worry about the f unless the patient has a true anti-f. Seems kinda overkill to me, but that's just my opinion.
  7. daily - volume fill, wipe down and check tubing weekly - bleach clean quarterly - RPR and timer check yearly - regularly scheduled PM's (change tubing etc)
  8. Same as everyone else. Still quarterly here too.
  9. Terri, to my knowledge PSB and powdered DTT are the only options at this time. There is buzz in the reagent community about manufacturing this reconstituted for resale. Sigma Aldrich does sell the powder form. You can go on their website and find the info or contact one of their engineers. They are very helpful.
  10. You could also find out if the patient has siblings and test them for compatibility and then have them do directed donations for the patient.
  11. I'm with StevenB. Any positive reactions, no matter what screen/panel they are from, have to be investigated.
  12. Several months ago, we experienced this same issue but with Immucor's screening cells. Cell III was Wr(a)+. We identified several anti-Wr(a)'s with this set of screening cells. This was more of a "pest" than anything.
  13. Cold would have been my guess. The sister sample could have been shipped in a cold environment and antibody adsorbed onto cells before testing? But other than that, I got nothing....
  14. I know as I write this post, I will be different than most. With that being said, the IRL I work at performs type and screens in tube and panels in gel. That way when we detect an anti-M in gel, we know where it's reacting. We do not consider anti-M clinically significant unless it is reacting at 37 or greater. The only time we don't push to ignore the M is when it is a heart patient.
  15. I work at a blood center that collects thousands of donations a month. We have our fair share of antibody positive donors who are regulars. Whenever we identify a positive antibody unit, we work hard to identify the antibody. If the antibody can not be identified, we discard the whole unit. We discard all plasma products from antibody positive donors. We service multiple hospitals, some small and some very large ones. With that being said, only ONE of those hospitals will take these positive units for transfusion and it is frustrating. Thanks AMcCord for shedding light on your usage of such units. It was so very refreshing.
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