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  1. we are pediatric hospital, we use AS-3 only
  2. I am looking for some reference books to understand molecular genotype of erythrocyte antigen. Are there any recommended books? So far I have found The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook to be very useful. Thanks
  3. ...same question as R1R2...Our says not required
  4. ......by disinfecting, I mean using the wipes. We wipe our coolers every time they are returned. And, we don't have documentation after they are cleaned. So, depending upon tech and work load; sometimes they are cleaned and sometimes not. We have plastic pocket that is attached to the cooler where we put the piece of paper with patient's name, date/time of issue and date/time it must be returned.
  5. Do you disinfect your coolers after they are received from OR/floor? Or OR/floor disinfects them prior to returning them? Or do you even bother to disinfect them? We disinfect every coolers after they are returned from OR/floor.
  6. We use Safe-T-Vue 10 in our blood products: RBCs and thawed Plasma (obviously plasma should be cold enough to attach Saf-T-Vue). Beside, visual inspection of products; we depend upon Safe-T-Vue coloration for our products return. For platelets, we return the products upon visual inspection and room temperature return.
  7. We are pediatrics Level I trauma with donor center. Our supplier is 45 miles away and we usually keep 4 platelets in hand; and depending upon situation sometimes we may go as low as 2 platelets. Our turnaround time of platelets availability from our supplier is at least 4 hour.
  8. Likewine99, I am sorry. I donot know the answer to your question. I do agree its completely unnecessary task. When I started here, I was pushing for EXM; but seeing the resistance, I have started to advocate for IS XM at least for now.
  9. I haven't heard anyone using sysmex for WBC count on donor units. It may be possible but you need to do validation. We used to use nageotte chamber; recently, we got our rWBC ADAM by Nanoentek validated.
  10. Yup, Verax is the only one that is FDA approved so far.
  11. BankerGirl, why 10% ? We do 30% and I am wondering if we are over concentrating our glycerol.
  12. I absolutely agree with you, R1R1. The value IS / EXM bring to blood bank work flow out weighs doing AHG XM on every single patient; but it would be a herculean task to change the conception of our leaderships.
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