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  1. I prefer to let the reference lab do them. I have been in the situation where you are the ONLY lab doing KB's, so you get all the stats from all the surrounding hospitals. That 2 am KB on a busy Saturday night with multiple traumas including "gun and knife club" business really makes one thank your lucky stars for reference labs that have a flow cytometer.
  2. We send them out to our Blood Center reference lab, where they are actually done by flow cytometry now instead of the actual KB staining.
  3. I use the transfusion sets from Charter with the inline filter.
  4. Same for me, but my thermometers read in the .5 degrees.
  5. Sounds kind of like Dr. McCoy and Mr. Spock on Star Trek. I THINK NOT ALSO.
  6. We are on meditech 5.66 and have been using BCTA for approximately 3 years now. TAR is really an outdated term. BCTA (Bar-Code enabled Transfusion Administration) is the correct term to use in meditech. As far as I know, all the HCA hospitals use this.
  7. We do pretransfusion vitals, 10 min after start, 30 min, then hourly. We know when the vitals are done because as they are performed they populate in the blood bank module.
  8. Sorry but cannot help you, this is BB talk.
  9. We use the Typenex bands, and it is the responsibility of the nurse to remove the old bands.
  10. The only reason that we use expired bags is for the rare therapeutic phlebotomy that we perform.
  11. we start with O Pos for males, females >50 years of age, and women without a uterus.
  12. go to chapter 16 of the 9th edition of the AABB Technical Manual, specifically pages 310-315.
  13. by all means, better safe than sorry next time you are surveyed.
  14. Another tech and myself were discussing the possibility of insuring that a patient that was sent to the OR prior to any pre-OP testing was done. It just so happens that this patient is a known patient that has a known Jka. We were discussing what would be the outcome if they suddenly had to have units on the patient. The Micro supervisor was sitting close by, and remarked "Well cant you just give them some O Negs?" We nearly broke our necks swinging them around to see who had uttered such a ignorant comment. She even went so far to say that the O Negs would be best because they did not have any antibodies in them. Now, I could have expected a nurse to come up with a comment such as this, but a Med Tech with over 50 years of experience. Any other "ignorance" going on out in BB world?
  15. Yes it may very well be noted that the scanner can be used as the second signature, but there is relief on my part in knowing that besides myself and the nurse reviewing the unit in the blood bank prior to issue, there are two others reviewing at the bedside.
  16. If mine expire prior to receiving the new cells, we would not test for complement, or maybe even send to our reference lab.
  17. RPMS are supposed to be done on centrifuges twice a year, we use every 6 months. Timers are done quarterly, and thermometers are done semi-annually.
  18. not to sound too dense, but what is the SCARF site?
  19. when we make a product ready for transfusion, we print what we call a pickup slip that the nurses bring back to the lab, plus we require them to bring either a copy of the order or the original order. We review the order, and initial the chart that we have reviewed the order. This goes back into the chart and becomes a permanent part of the file. We also require them to bring the order each time.
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