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  1. Our computer system is set up so that when a 5 pk of pooled cryo is transfused, it is broken out into charges for 5 individual cryo units.
  2. I was wondering if anyone is currently using 7 day platelets or are considering using them. What issues have you encountered? Are there ISBT product codes for 7 day platlets?
  3. Would anyone be able to share their procedure for the treatment of red cells with DTT? We are looking into whether or not we should add this procedure to our Transfusion Service, and I'm just wondering how involved it is. Thanks!
  4. Thank you everyone - I really appreciate your input!
  5. We have always washed our cord blood specimens six times prior to testing. I believe it is to prevent contaimination with Wharton's jelly, etc. I can't really find any references about this practice, so am curious - do other people out there wash cord blood specimens prior to testing?
  6. We usually manually interpret the card, but if the result looks questionable then we will perform tube testing.
  7. We use C3 coated cells with our Anti-C3b- C3d reagent by tube method.
  8. Thank you all, for your responses!
  9. Our Transfusion Service currently dispenses RHIG to all patients. We are working on a process where the RHIG will now be dispensed from the pharmacy. We are trying to come with a method to let the pharmacy know when a patient needs RHIG (i.e. Rh neg mom who delivered Rh pos baby, Rh neg pt who recevied Rh pos platelet product, RH neg pt in ER who is miscarrying) so that they can follow thru to make sure they receive the appropriate order and the patient actually receives the product. Currently our BB computer system is not interfaced with any other system, so we can't use that to send test
  10. You should be able to get the User Guide for that version from Mediware. Maybe that would help?
  11. Our current MTP is to give 3 units RBCs and 3 units FFP in each batch, with an apheresis platelet unit given with every other batch. (1:1:1). Cryo is given upon request.
  12. We also will only do the ABO/Rh is only plasma is requested
  13. Yes, that is very helpful to know. Thanks so much!
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