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  1. Congratulations Malcolm! You undoubtedly deserve it.
  2. Is anybody using cord blood cells to resolve panagglutinin due to anti-CD38 interference? Can you share your procedure? Ours is DTT. Thank you.
  3. Does everyone need to perform unknowns even if the direct observation for the same set of tests have already been done? I mean, are unknowns supposed to be done for the same set of stuff?
  4. So, in a tertiary transfusion service department, how much competency assessment needs to be done? If we group the tests into test systems, how many test systems would turn out to be necessary to do competency assessment on? For example, in the area of immunohematology where we do a lot of tests: antibody ID, DATs, EGA, DTT, ficin treatment, elution, ReSt adsorption, warm auto or allo adsorption, etc. Grouping these tests into a test system, does each staff still have to do ALL of these individually?
  5. Hi all! Our SOPs are so detailed about addressing our downtime procedure to the extent that we don't get motivated anymore to even refer to them during the actual situation. There are just too much to read when we are in a hurry to process STAT samples. So, we are planning to split them according to different scenarios like when it's only the Sunquest which is down but Epic is up and vice versa or when all the computer systems have crashed and when there is power outage. Do you have SOPs that you are willing to share? Thank you!
  6. We're also using Epic and struggling with how the doctors place their blood orders. Epic doesn't alert them even if same orders have just been placed. So they could order 8x of 2 units of RBC for example when actually, they only need 2 units. Calls will still be back and forth just because of the duplicate orders which if only the Epic alerted them would not have been placed.
  7. Thanks Malcolm, our goal is just to save on cost. So, we are aliquoting patient's plasma, positive for anti-K, for example and give it a 1 year expiration date. This, we use for our 0.2M DTT quality control instead of the commercially available anti-K. Does anyone know if this practice is regulated by FDA or CLIA? I actually don't see any but I just want to confirm because FDA is so strict on patient's specimens and may require trackable viral results record if these specimens are to be stored as in house reagents. Not so sure though. Thanks in advance for all your inputs.
  8. Hi there! I am wondering if any of you use patient's plasma (antibody positive) as antisera. Does FDA require results of viral testing before you can use any patient sample as in house reagent?
  9. They will discuss this matter and other matters when you request presentation from them.
  10. The genotype of this patient according to the results from a reference lab is A101/B101. A certain mutation makes his B subgroup so weak and variable,
  11. Is this the 0.2M DTT that we use to treat reagent red cells in HTLA or anti-CD38 cases?
  12. Does anti-CD47 interfere with your antibody screen and compatibility testing like the anti-CD38? Does it affect patient's DAT?
  13. We give Rh negative apheresis only to females of child bearing age. No neonates and pediatrics are at our site.
  14. It is the policy at our facility to give E=c= RBCs when patient has anti-E and types also as c= or if c pheno is unknown or cannot be done due to very recent transfusion, but we do not type the units for E when patient has anti-c only. In this case, we only give c= units.
  15. Thank you Maicolm! Patient is 46 years old. Dx: Lumbar foraminal stenosis
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