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  1. Looking for a reference to doing Reverse typing using IgG testing. We have a A Pos patient (historical) that now has a very strong cold that we can not get rid of it. So we sent it to our reference lab. They cleared up the ABO discrepancy on the reverse by doing the testing at IgG.
  2. I am revisiting this question. Does Irradiating a product be considered preparing?
  3. We use their A1 cells, B cells, Check cells (and yes they are a little weaker), Anti-A, B, D, AB and a few rare antisera.
  4. I also would like to know if anyone is validating each shipment/lot. I am currently doing my initial validation. Just trying to plan what else I need to do and how often.
  5. We have used them for a few years. A lot easier to clean up the sand then glycerol.
  6. We also do this, we get it from Fisher. We buy a new one when it expires https://www.fishersci.com/shop/products/fisher-scientific-traceable-big-digit-type-k-thermometer/15078187#?keyword=Type-K+Digital+Thermometer+Probes+Type-K+Beaded+Probe
  7. But we are seeing anti-K and anti-E in gel; so is it the genetics of these antibodies or is it that they are so weak that gel just does not pick them up?
  8. Hi everyone, We have seen some patients that are demonstrating anti-K with PEG only. We repeat with Gel and tube LISS and results are negative. We change our incubation times and still negative, we have used K homologous cells in gel and still negative. Anyone have any hints as to why this is happening. Chris
  9. We do NOT want to irradiate our own products. We were asked to look into the pricing. We keep irradiated RBC, but the Plt are not and most of the time it takes to long to get the product from our blood supplier.
  10. Currently our cancer center uses their linear accelerators to irradiate our products, but they want us to investigate another methods. In the last 2 years we have irradiated less than 340 products per year. So I think getting an irradiator would be to cost prohibitive. But I still need to know what is out there. I have seen Nordion mentioned, but when I go to their site I can not find a blood irradiator.
  11. For those doing QC, Say you use a Fya to QC 1) Are you QC'ing all 11 cells, or selected positive and negative cells? 2) If you have more then one panel / method are you QC them also? We are not QC'ing panels yet, we have Ortho C (regular .8% and ficin), and B panels, and a tube panel. We have a single tech on dayshift, one on second and third shift is a Hemo/BB tech. I am trying to figure out how we would do this QC daily, and not use up the cells before the panels expired.
  12. As of right now we do not QC our panels, we have both Gel and Tube panels and we do QC out gel and tube screening cells. I went through our different manufactures panel IFU I have the following questions and thoughts. Ortho says "should be tested periodically with weak antibodies" 1) What is periodically? Defined as repeatedly at regular time. Is this once for each panel? or one a day, week, month or year? Or what? 2) Weak, how weak 1+? 3) Antibodies - how many, all of them? Only clinically significant or what? Bio-Rad says "Suitable controls should be included in each test run."
  13. check out this topic http://www.pathlabtalk.com/forum/index.php?/topic/7433-new-ortho-mts-workstaion/?hl=ortho
  14. GCH Lab Rat and David, thank you I found them in the Fisher Scientific catalog...
  15. I agree Uggh! We started the Fetal Bleed lot to lot this summer but did not do the Elu kit. The only thing we have that would be positive is the Survey and that does not give us enough to do twice in tube.... I would say all most all of the patients we do are all positive or all negative and we only do about 10 a year.... may be better to send these patients to the reference lab, but then out turn around time will stink..
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