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  1. We stop the transfusion and initiate the transfusion reaction procedure. And until the workup is complete (minus any micro), the patient is unable to receive any other products. Normally it is just something with the donor plasma and Benadryl should cover and propholactically thereafter prior to transfusion. Normally the physicians order Tylenol before the transfusions, so adding Benadryl is not an issue.

  2. On 2/21/2021 at 9:56 AM, John C. Staley said:

    I had always found it difficult to convince nurses that we were working with a person/patient and not a room/bed!  This became even more difficult after all the privacy rules and regulations came about.  It was almost as if they were terrified to say a patient's name aloud!


    I have even gone so far as to tell the nurse taking care of the patient that when they learned the patient's name and not the room number to give me a call back and we will discuss the patient at that time.


  3. 1 hour ago, jayinsat said:

    When the FDA issued the EUA on August 23, 2020, we started stocking convalescent plasma in house from our supplier. We fill the orders once they come in. Before that, it was a pain.

    Are you able to make a stock order with ARC for, say, 5 O's, 5 A's, and 2 B's? Our supplier prefers it that way here in South Texas.


    ARC does not allow stock supplies of the COVID plasma.

    On the somewhat same note, how do you take care of your AB patients when the blood center cannot or will not supply AB convalescent plasma?


  4. We too use ARC. The pack slips have the order number on them so that you can match up the order numbers. When we get orders for the convalescent plasma, we order the plasma and on the order printout, we note the patient name, then once the plasma arrives, we match up the pack list with the order printout. In the meantime, we keep all the orders and their respective printouts on our metallic white board, that is basically the only way that we have found to somewhat keep abreast of the orders.

  5. Let me play the devils advocate when it comes to using the historical type. What happens if the patient is not really the patient that the original ABO was performed on? What about the times when the ID number is bought and used by multiple people especially where there is a large community of people who are not necessarily legal to be here?

    For these reasons and a few more, we require a current type.

  6. 32 minutes ago, AMcCord said:

    I've got an OLD OLD procedure that adds 3 drops of 30% albumin to 0.5 mL packed red cells prior to freezing. The reference is the 10th edition of the Technical Manual.

    The procedure is so old and so bare bones that there isn't any other information included - just the step by step. Looks really odd compared to current procedures.

    All the albumin that I buy is 22% not 30%. 

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