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  1. We have a transfuse order by product in Meditech for any verbal orders. It will print out in BB. It does not order the product, just replaces the written order.
  2. macarton


    I've enjoyed being part of this forum over the years. I'm retiring as of Sept 1 as Blood bank, Microbiology, Meditech supervisor and full time bench Tech. I've decided life is too short to stroke out over trying to do 4 jobs well. I'll still work a day or two part time.
  3. to save into a Word document, click PrtScn, send to clipboard, then to put in document, click on spot you want it and right click and paste. On the popup boxes, if you want whole screen with the pop up, hit PrtScn, then cancel, then to put in document, click on spot you want it and right click and paste. You'll have to do some trimming then.
  4. I have all of our QC and temperatures set up in Meditech esp BB and Micro for yrs now. Later I built some Chemistry. Hematology QC is on the analyzer. We can print them out for an inspection whenever needed.
  5. Our Helmer bath is around 15 yrs old. The times we've needed a cleaner, we used vinegar. Since our water is limestone here, we switched to DI several yrs back.
  6. We clean coolers when they come back from ED or OR. You don't know where they have been, esp if blood was used, and the empty coolers made a trip to the smoking shack on way back to BB. I don't want to be implicated in a surgery infection.
  7. We are 75 miles from our supplier. We keep 2 to 4 apheresis on hand depending on # of CV surgeries and usage. We rarely outdate any. Our supplier swaps out daily.
  8. We use a patient with an antibody that was tested with the previous lot before placing a new panel in use. We haven't had any issues with past inspections.
  9. was the antigen type rechecked on the unit? we've had some antisera that if you didn't let it incubate the full time limit, (example if 5-10 in procedure, and didn't go full 10 min) got negative to wk reactions.
  10. Our administration wanted to go to ARC from Lifesouth. When we questioned about returns & found out that we couldn't unless we found another hospital to take it. I figured up how many returns we had in the last year and it would have more than eaten up the savings. I sent those figures in response.
  11. We do any antibody ID's, screen and crossmatch for our sister hospital, They do T&S and IS any non problem patients. We have a courier to run 3 times a day. We also do their Micro. After hours they have a courier.
  12. We have a Helmer refrigerator and have been very pleased with it.
  13. We pull at time of issue and keep them with that days sample rack. We hold samples for 19 days. Odd time due to way we extend the date to use pre-op samples and CAP requirement post transfusion.
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