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  1. If you subscribe to a whole Blood Proficiency test ( like CAP JAT) the samples contain reverse group antibodies anti A, Anti B etc. and a couple of antibodies. its easy to write your own study looking for carryover in the adjacent samples. Alternatively Hemo bioscience makes and sells a validation kit for instrumentation and this contains similar materials....
  2. Thanks for letting us know, I worked with David a long time ago on an IgG quantitation assay.
  3. Here is an example of how to calculate numbers of units to be screened from a Proficiency test we designed a couple of years ago. It makes a nice worked example. Frequencies and Donor Screening The frequency of the c (small) antigen is 80% in Caucasians, 96% in Blacks, and 47% in Asians (Refer to Table 3 for additional information regarding Rh antigen frequencies in various populations).3 Antigen Symbol Caucasian Black Asian D 85% 92% 99% C 68% 27% 93% E 29% 22% 39% c 80% 96% 47% e 98% 98% 96% Table 3: Common Rh blood group antigen frequencies3 The frequency of the K antigen in 9% in Caucasians and 2% in Blacks. The K antigen can be found at higher frequencies in specific populations—found in approximately 12% of Iranian Jews and can be found in up to 25% of the Arab population (Refer to Table 4 for additional information regarding the antigen frequencies associated with the Kell blood group system). Antigen Symbol Caucasian Black Other K 9% 2% Iranian Jews = 12% Arabs = As high as 25% k (small) 99.8% 100% Kpa 2% Less than 0.01% Kpb 100% 100% Jsa 0.01% 20% Jsb 100% 99% Table 4: Common Kell blood group antigen frequencies3 Problem #1: How many units of pRBCs should be crossmatched in order to find 3 antigen negative units? 1. Given that ~80% of the population will have the c (small) antigen, ~20% of the donors should be negative for the c (small) antigen. Additionally, given that ~9% of the population will have the K antigen, ~91% of donors should be negative for the K antigen. **NOTE: When multiple antigen frequencies are involved, you must multiply the antigen negative frequencies together. In this case we would multiple 20% and 91% to account for the donors who are c (small) negative and K negative. 2. Number of units to be crossmatched = x x = 3 units/0.18 = 16.7 (or 17 units) 3. The blood bank should crossmatch 17 units, where 3 of the 17 units should be compatible.
  4. There is no licensed anti COb in the USA, i have a few vials of raw plasma in a freezer that i use for research purposes...
  5. I suggest you try any high potency IgM anti D which these days is a monoclonal and thus not high protein. The anti D on your bench right now ( immediate spin) should work.
  6. Add some Dextran to a plasma sample, it should do the trick and will save you a lot of time and effort freezing and retaining samples etc.
  7. Hemo bioscience is a small biotechnology company based close to RTP has an opening for a Manufacturing Technologist to work in our laboratory and assist with manufacturing activities. The Manufacturing Technologist personnel participate in all non-analytical activities related to the manufacturing of Hemo bioscience products. This position is responsible for following standard operating procedures, best laboratory practices, current good manufacturing practices (cGMP) and current good documentation practices (cGDP) to ensure products are manufactured and systems are maintained to meet internal and customer specifications. Skills required: · Follows SOPs, best laboratory practices, current good manufacturing practices and current good documentation practices to ensure products are manufactured to meet specifications. · Participates in all non-analytical aspects of the manufacturing process from receipt of raw material to release of finished product. Activities include, but are not limited to: o Product label generation and printing o Product labeling and packaging o Product filling and capping o Lab inventory and cleaning o Temperature monitoring of refrigerated systems o Equipment maintenance o Specimen processing, non-analytical o Solutions preparation o Product manufacture · Responsible for documentation of all manufacturing related activities. · Provides suggestions for better production and staff performance. · Assists management for various production related duties. To perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform essential duties satisfactorily. The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required. · Minimum Associates degree in a life science field or 1 years experience in an industrial cGMP or laboratory environment. · Bachelor’s degree in a life science field preferred Blood bank or Clinical Laboratory experience desirable but not required Ability to closely follow procedures and write reports clearly and concisely with good organizational skills. Close attention to detail. Knowledge of MS office programs. Please apply by submitting a copy of your resume to info@hemobioscience.com Salary is DOE, Benefits are provided
  8. So.. just a quick word of warning, its easy to grind up seeds and do an extraction. But what i have found is that the extraction may or may not work and its a bit fickle. if you go down the path of making your own lectin you must QC it by using either polyagglutinable cells or at the very least prepare Neuraminidase treated cells. If you don't you could end up with false negatives.
  9. We have one in development at the moment. Our previous supplies of Arachis and Glycine proved to be unreliable.
  10. yes I trained at Manchester NBS under Peter Howell and did my Fellowship there. Now living and working in the USA as President of Hemo bioscience Inc.
  11. I haven't heard it called Flying squad blood for Donkeys years, srichar3 are you from the UK?
  12. Hi Susan, i received this response from Biorad Tech support. I hope this helps, Noel Joy asked us to reach out to you regarding this question. I think the question is actually about TANGO infinity. Sample racks on the TANGO optimo accommodate both short and tall tubes, so it is not an issue. TANGO infinity racks are designed to use tall tubes but can accommodate short ones with adjustments. This involves placing spacers in the rack and also a programming adjustment by one of our Field Service Engineers. I have spoken to a customer recently about getting this set up on their instrument. It may be the same person who asked the question of you. I hope this answers your question. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us here in Technical Support. Respectfully
  13. Its a Vacuette no additive tube 13X100, it should be compatible with every instrument commercially available in the USA. Is it a size issue i.e. putting it in the Carousel? or is it a cell volume issue? I have run these sample tubes on all Biorad instruments, Tango, IH500 and IH1000 and optima. If you are still unable to run it I suggest you call Biorad technical support.
  14. Hi Susan, can you describe which Donor sample you have trouble putting on the Tango? Just give me the label code. I want to check which container is used for that sample.
  15. Hemo bioscience sells Polyclonal anti K and Anti Cellano, both are FDA approved potency and could probably be diluted in a 6%BSA solution to be used for this purpose. info@hemobioscience.com for pricing info... Also your local American Red Cross may have donated units of Anti Kell plasma you might use but obviously watch out for the ABO types as these are not adsorbed.....
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