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  1. yes I trained at Manchester NBS under Peter Howell and did my Fellowship there. Now living and working in the USA as President of Hemo bioscience Inc.
  2. I haven't heard it called Flying squad blood for Donkeys years, srichar3 are you from the UK?
  3. Hi Susan, i received this response from Biorad Tech support. I hope this helps, Noel Joy asked us to reach out to you regarding this question. I think the question is actually about TANGO infinity. Sample racks on the TANGO optimo accommodate both short and tall tubes, so it is not an issue. TANGO infinity racks are designed to use tall tubes but can accommodate short ones with adjustments. This involves placing spacers in the rack and also a programming adjustment by one of our Field Service Engineers. I have spoken to a customer recently about getting this set up on their instrument. It may be the same person who asked the question of you. I hope this answers your question. If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us here in Technical Support. Respectfully
  4. Its a Vacuette no additive tube 13X100, it should be compatible with every instrument commercially available in the USA. Is it a size issue i.e. putting it in the Carousel? or is it a cell volume issue? I have run these sample tubes on all Biorad instruments, Tango, IH500 and IH1000 and optima. If you are still unable to run it I suggest you call Biorad technical support.
  5. Hi Susan, can you describe which Donor sample you have trouble putting on the Tango? Just give me the label code. I want to check which container is used for that sample.
  6. Hemo bioscience sells Polyclonal anti K and Anti Cellano, both are FDA approved potency and could probably be diluted in a 6%BSA solution to be used for this purpose. info@hemobioscience.com for pricing info... Also your local American Red Cross may have donated units of Anti Kell plasma you might use but obviously watch out for the ABO types as these are not adsorbed.....
  7. Malcolm, I agree with you and understand exactly what you are saying. My challenge is more to do with interpreting requirements from reagent manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Therefore that is why i said "we" it being the Royal "we".
  8. We have defined Weak D as IS negative with an IgM anti D and Positive in the IAT phase with an IgG Anti D (often a blend). We have made weak D cells here that can work as a control in manual tests. I have not included D variants in my work as these show different reaction patterns with the various commercially available anti D's.
  9. The Ortho cards use a potentiator for the back type section. This potentiator may be causing the phenomenon.
  10. Thats unusual, the anti small c in that sample should only be reactive at IAT phase. You could see if it is reactive in immediate spin with rr cells and if so advise CAP about it.
  11. CAP offers a program called ABT ( antibody Titer) if you subscribe you can see how your Laboratory performs compared to others and get a report showing the different sensitivities in Gel Versus tube etc.
  12. there is also an FDA cleared product that can be used without any modification or off-label use its called MQC-cat from a company i might know....
  13. there is also an FDA cleared product that can be used without any modification or off-label use its called MQC-cat from a company i might know....
  14. Sooooo, the action of eluting the antibody off the red cell can change the antibody structure, i recently saw this with an Anti Fya. I dont know the exact mechanism but imagine it has to do with the very low pH causing a change in the epitope.
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