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  1. Malcolm, I agree with you and understand exactly what you are saying. My challenge is more to do with interpreting requirements from reagent manufacturers and regulatory bodies. Therefore that is why i said "we" it being the Royal "we".
  2. We have defined Weak D as IS negative with an IgM anti D and Positive in the IAT phase with an IgG Anti D (often a blend). We have made weak D cells here that can work as a control in manual tests. I have not included D variants in my work as these show different reaction patterns with the various commercially available anti D's.
  3. The Ortho cards use a potentiator for the back type section. This potentiator may be causing the phenomenon.
  4. Thats unusual, the anti small c in that sample should only be reactive at IAT phase. You could see if it is reactive in immediate spin with rr cells and if so advise CAP about it.
  5. CAP offers a program called ABT ( antibody Titer) if you subscribe you can see how your Laboratory performs compared to others and get a report showing the different sensitivities in Gel Versus tube etc.
  6. there is also an FDA cleared product that can be used without any modification or off-label use its called MQC-cat from a company i might know....
  7. there is also an FDA cleared product that can be used without any modification or off-label use its called MQC-cat from a company i might know....
  8. Sooooo, the action of eluting the antibody off the red cell can change the antibody structure, i recently saw this with an Anti Fya. I dont know the exact mechanism but imagine it has to do with the very low pH causing a change in the epitope.
  9. It was Polyclonal material, I didnt detect the anti C or (G) on incoming inspection but did elute it off R2R2 Cells along with an Anti D. These days i stick to monoclonals.
  10. Yes Anti G is very likely, BUT I once manufactured Anti D coated cells using R2R2 cells and was able to elute off a weak anti C along with an anti D, it was an odd antibody as it only reacted in Gel... i still believe it was an example of M-O.
  11. Did you detect another (different) antibody in the eluate? eg. like an anti D ? If so you may want to consider Matuhasi-Ogata phenomenon....
  12. Heterozygous versus Homozygous expression for the antigen is key especially in the MNS system. You should know what the status is of the cell you are using so that you can compare apples to apples.
  13. Be aware that most Anti AB these days is a blend of anti A and Anti B monoclonal and is not strictly an anti AB.
  14. Dear BBSLM, I am happy to walk you through some hints and tips in using the Hemo bio kit with gel cards, we use it all the time with Grifols and Ortho Gel cards here in our testing lab. The Hemo kit is very similar to the Immucor /Gamma kit as it is an acid elution method. However the Hemo kit is the only one that has been validated for use with gel cards by the manufacturer. our phone is 919 313 2888 and email is info@hemobioscience.com
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