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  1. noelrbrown

    Plasma Purchasing Companies

    If the plasma has Infectious disease state documents then HB may be interested in purchasing plasmas as we currently buy from commercial sources.
  2. noelrbrown

    DAT validation in gel

    Which gel are you using and what is the source difference for the anti IgG i.e. monoclonal versus polyclonal or is it anti complement issue you are experiencing?
  3. noelrbrown

    Is it commercially available?

    Have you tried EYlabs? They have a bunch of lectins (concentrate)
  4. Can you explain further the potency statement "doing a potency this potency vary from 1:4 to 1:128." Do you mean with a AHG containing anti Complement?
  5. noelrbrown

    Manufacturing manager

    We are seeking a hands on Manufacturing Manager to join our team! You will oversee the activities of a team of production workers. Responsibilities: Coordinate the daily activities of the production and operation teams Plan and schedule the manufacturing of our products Manage inventory levels to ensure supply Interface to QA, Marketing and customer service Delegate and Participate in production assignments to appropriate teams and personnel Work with customer service to schedule production orders from customers Follow the quality system (ISO and FDA) Improve processes and add efficiency Perform new equipment validations Adhere to all safety policies and procedures Qualifications: Previous experience in production, manufacturing of a Biological or Healthcare product Knowledge of quality systems and has worked in a quality system environment. Strong leadership qualities with previous personnel management experience Science qualification to Bachelors level, Masters or PhD preferred Ideally Medical technologist background with some knowledge of Blood banking Excellent written and verbal communication skills https://www.ziprecruiter.com/job/92ef1a65
  6. noelrbrown

    DTT and DARA

    Hemo bioscience (USA) also sells the DTT ready to use (frozen) but I understand it is a long way from Portugal
  7. noelrbrown

    0.2m DTT and cord blood

    Sounds like poor advice from the IRL, I think what they meant to say was that the CD38 antigen is weakly expressed on Cord cells. The Kell system is completely removed by DTT treatment so you should give K neg blood as you have no way to exclude anti K, BTW that also means JSa, Jsb, Cellano etc. also Lu null cells do not express CD38 either.
  8. noelrbrown

    Anti-CD38 therapy

    yes it is, Hemo bio sells it frozen ready to use and you can buy it powdered from other vendors. Noel
  9. noelrbrown


    Unfortunately the answer is, it depends... If the anti CD47 is a human antibody, then it will cause a positive DAT as CD47 is expressed on most cells in the body including erythrocytes. If the anti CD47 is mouse or goat then it will not as this antibody will bind to CD47 but will not cause the same interference we see with Daratumamab. I believe recent therapies involve blocking some of the CD47 receptors.
  10. noelrbrown

    Anti-CD38 therapy

    Hemo bioscience is selling ready to use DTT ( frozen), see our web site for details.
  11. noelrbrown

    Ortho 0.8% cells run in Grifols IgG cards?

    Be careful as the diluents used to suspend the cells will be different. For gel card assays you need a Low Ionic strength diluent. Diluents often contain potentiators and will have been validated for use in the appropriate card system. I am not saying they won't work and they probably will however you should perform validation to ensure you don't miss a significant antibody.
  12. Hemo bioscience is going to be launching ready for use DTT in the next 2-3 weeks. We plan on pushing it through our email list and will update our web site with product codes.
  13. http://www.hemobioscience.com/News-Events-Resources-Careers/Careers Product Manager job descrition Job Objective Responsible for developing and maintaining marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Evaluates customer research, market conditions, competitor data and implements marketing plan changes as needed. Oversees all marketing, advertising and promotional staff and activities. Plays an active role in Hemo bioscience business development. Job Description The Product Manager is responsible for the day-to-day marketing support of the immunohematology product lines to both the selling organization and the manufacturing division. The Product Manager will be responsible for developing and implementing pricing strategies, sales budgets and marketing plans, including targeted marketing campaigns. This person will work with the President and Marketing Communications to develop sales tools, product launch materials, sales training tools and promotional programs. He/She will also be responsible for communicating market needs, including financial rationale, to the manufacturing division and support the manufacturing division in necessary market research including new product identification. Additional responsibilities include working with the rest of the organization to develop sales tools and items in support of promotional activities creating visibility for assigned products at appropriate trade shows and other venues. As the Product Manager, this employee will be responsible for driving awareness and demand through the planning, development and execution of the content strategy. The ideal candidate will be equal parts marketer and editor with a knack for distilling complex topics down to easy-to-understand assets for the benefit of the customer target. He/She will create and execute analytics to measure the effectiveness of the content strategy. The candidate will have experience working with various internal teams across an organization and excel at weaving external observations and market trends into the marketing strategy. He/She will possess a technical knowledge of blood banking/immunohematology. Required Skills Excellent written and verbal communication skills and team-oriented mentality. Strong computer skills; science/blood bank background. Required Experience  BA/BS degree in life science, business or related discipline. MBA and ASCP(SBB) preferred.  2-5 years full-time product marketing experience, industry familiarity, including roles supporting a business-to-business sales team.  A willingness to handling shifting priorities in a constantly changing organization and marketplace.  Able to analyze information across the buyer journey and identify opportunities in the marketing and sales processes. Key Competencies  excellent written and verbal communication skills  organization and planning  problem analysis and problem-solving  formal presentation skills  persuasiveness  adaptability EEO/AA Employer/Veterans/Disabled/Race/Ethnicity/Gender/Age Employer To all recruitment agencies: Hemo bioscience does not accept agency resumes, unless the agency has been authorized by a Hemo bioscience staffing representative. Please do not submit resumes unless authorized to do so. Hemo bioscience will not pay for any fees related to unsolicited resumes. Job Location Morrisville, North Carolina, United States Position Type Full-Time-Exempt Travel 10-15. Please send cover letter and resume to info@hemobioscience.com
  14. No greater than 20% HCT is my advice
  15. CAP has a program called ABT which is antibody titre and includes IgM and IgG anti A as well as Anti D titres. if you download CAP's catalog you can see the program. Additinally API has a program that does the same thing www.api-pt.com For a method there is a method in the AABB technical manual as well as the uniform method which Dr. Auberchon authored. I believe there is a thread on pathlabtalk talking about the CAP ABT proficiency test.

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