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  1. We have this product built in our computer system. It is setup as a separate product. We use pre printed thawed labels but Hemotrax standalone should be able to print them. What system do you have?
  2. Unsure if you still need a reply: You should print/review or store/review your data at regular intervals.
  3. The issue is when host (instrument) sends query to WellSky. WellSky will only send back message at patient level. It does not have capability to send specimen level message yet. You will have to find a workaround. Either program the instrument to run and report your ABO confirm first or run and report type and screen.
  4. Dear AmCord, What HCPCS code are you applying if the units are given as eIND?
  5. We are trying to improve our corrected report workflow and are interested in workflow other facilities are using that have Beaker. What process are you following in HCLL to perform correction? What interface messages are you sending from HCLL to Beaker?
  6. I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to share with me their current sop for return and reissue of blood components?
  7. Hello, Could someone provide me with regulatory steps that must be taken prior to our outpatient lab location to dispense cross-matched blood and allocated platelet? They will have mini blood and platelet rotator to store the products till dispense. thank you,
  8. Hello, Do you accept verbal orders for products? Is there a regulatory requirement that you have to have written order? Is there any situations where you accept verbal orders ?
  9. We are looking for new blood bank system that will be integrated with Epic beaker. We have looked at Soft as well as HCLL. Will anyone be willing to share their experiences with either of them? We will also be buying stem cell software from the vendor we choose. thank you
  10. Agree blood in coolers is considered storage, whose responsibility would it be to ensure proper chain of custody is maintained especially when units are issued in cooler to one nursing unit i.e. Operating room, the nursing unit wants to take the cooler to the 2nd nursing unit (ICU). Let's say they ordered 4 RBC to be available for a case in a room, now they take the cooler with them to ICU. We will not know how much was given in OR and how much was given at 2nd location. The orders from OR may get reconciled and I am guessing new orders (for regulatory purpose) should be placed if they are going to transfuse, however we will not issue to them they will just take what they need at this new location. Is there a process in place that could manage this scenario better?
  11. Does your facility issue blood products for transfusion to nursing units in coolers? If yes, do you allow the blood products to travel from one nursing unit to the other with the patient? Do you know of any regulations that govern such practice?
  12. Do you require 2nd blood type for transfusion of platelet, plasma on new (second) admission? future admissions? are there requirement/guidelines for ABO/Rh testing for platelet, plasma transfusion on future admissions?
  13. Does anyone know if the granulocytes need to be negative for any allo-antibodies that the patient may have? I understand that they have to be ABO/Rh compatible. I cannot seem to find anything related to my question.
  14. Is this the same for Granulocyte infusion?
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