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  1. Searching Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis

    I just posted to ask for help if you guys have any knowledge about this. One of my friend told me to do online search and found store like these https://www.amazon.com/slp/mens-shoes-for-plantar-fasciitis/7bkx8xguwjz5jkj https://www.orthofeet.com/collections/plantar-fasciitis-shoes He suggested me these . I am doing my search and also open for suggestions. Thanks
  2. My father is a diabetic patient and his doctor suggested him to exercise daily specially jogging in park or any good relaxing environment. Recently my father diagnosed with plantar fasciitis problem and simple running shoes is creating pain while jogging. We asked for doctor, he recommended to buy running shoes for plantar fasciitis that have specially created for diabetic patients that have orthotic insoles with good cushioning support. I am looking for suggestions from where I can buy this type shoes or which one is good for him.
  3. DSC_0074.JPG

    Nice picture!
  4. Moved Again

    Hi, Welcome back David. Cheers, Simon.
  5. Weak D+ specimens

    Yes, Indeed it will be more fun.
  6. X-Ray Irradiators

    Thanks for the detailed information from professional experience. I am looking for more reply related to the comparison of X-ray machines.
  7. Electronic Quality Control

    Great idea! It helps us in keeping a record on long term basis. Secondly, its would be very easy for us to share that document electronically. For that, I am already using Google drive to keep all my educational document Pdf and jpeg for a quick review.
  8. Being a nurse always feel good. But yes on another side we know that “grass is always greener on the other side” type of feelings, and think that maybe it would be better if I was doing a different specialty. I currently work in LTC, and although it’s fast enough pace, I am jubilant there. What are some specialties that you would consider your dream job, or what would you like to try at some point in your career?
  9. XM for a newborn with mom's specimen

    Which workflow are you want? Please elaborate.
  10. Repeat Testing for FFP and Plts

    We also require a new sample in every two days.
  11. Immucor Neo Validation

    Thanks for explanation Kate. It is helpful and informative.
  12. Great! You are such an adventurous and devoted person. Wish you best of luck for your next climb, and keep us updated with your pictures.
  13. Great dear!! Good job and when you are going for next climb. Cheers, Simon
  14. 24th November 2016.

    True that There are I guess very fewer people who spent quality time with their families.