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  1. Charging for washed, irradiated, leuko-reduced platelets

    Is it possible to charge using 3 separate P codes, one for the platelet, one for irradiation and 1 for wash? All linked to the unique product code for that product.
  2. Extending specimens past 3 days

    We can extend specimens collected to 30 days as long as they have not been pregnant or transfused in the last 90 days and that they don't have an antibody (either currently or historically).
  3. Dropping Blood Bank Bands

    We haven't used blood bank bands in over 25 years. Any errors have dramatically dropped since we instituted the second specimen draw (required for non O patients). Also, checking care everywhere in Epic adds another layer of safety...being able to see any history of blood types and antibodies detected at other facilities has helped tremendously.
  4. ISBT ZT410 printer

  5. Reconstituted Whole Blood

    Same here.
  6. RESt and DARA

    The only way I'm aware of is DTT treating the screening cells used.
  7. This is correct. Verax is not licensed for PAS platelets.
  8. ISBT ZT410 printer

    Our Zebra printers go through Hematrax print server (from Digi-Trax). We didn't have to do anything to adjust the size (it does that automatically). At least that's how I remember it. It's been awhile. Next time I'm at work, I'll try and print out the configuration label. Hopefully it will help.
  9. X-Ray Irradiators

    We use the rad source x-ray irradiator as well. Allows you to irradiate 6 products at the same time. It takes 280 seconds to irradiate. Even though you have to periodically replace the cathode ray tube, that 280 seconds never changes (unlike cesium based irradiators).
  10. Neonate Transfusions

    We use electronic xm.
  11. Confused about dosage

    RC-Aid is another program. http://www.rcaid.net/
  12. Policy for use of blood Kell Positive

    We do the same, plus thalesemia and Dara patients.
  13. Grifols Erytra

    We don't get the false positives with Grifols like we did with Ortho. IMHO
  14. platelet availablility

    Level 1 trauma center with large surgical, heme/onc and BMT programs. 20 min from supplier, 20 plts for stock (average)