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  1. Crossmatch Billing

    We bill for all crossmatches performed.
  2. Ordering Emerg Blood

    Here they order EMERRGENCY blood in EPIC, which prompts the pager to go off. If they order a massive transfusion, the LIFT team also get activated (dedicated people that will run the products from here to where patient is located. Floors still call us to give us a heads up that they are placing the order.
  3. Billing for liquid plasma

    We use P9059
  4. Our facility hasn't started CD47 yet, but anticipate that may happen in 2018. I've been dredging through the internet to find anything, which is how I found the NY blood center pdf. Besides the use of Immucors Gamma-clone IgG antisera (for antibody screens), I haven't seen anything mentioned on how to avoid it. I was thinking along the line of using Platelets (which have cd47 on them) to remove the antibody, but have seen nothing regarding if anyone has tried this. The search continues....
  5. http://nybloodcenter.org/media/filer_public/2017/10/04/2017aabbpostervelliquetteserological_observationsfinalcp246.pdf Apparently, weakly pos to negative DATs are common. Because the antibody covers cd47, the body sees the lack of cd47 and targets the cell for destruction.
  6. HU5F9-G4: anti-CD47

    Here's a little something I found useful: http://nybloodcenter.org/media/filer_public/2017/10/04/2017aabbpostervelliquetteserological_observationsfinalcp246.pdf For screens, I would avoid any phase except the IAT one to minimize the carryover. Our facility hasn't started any trials of this drug yet, so I haven't had a chance to try this (or try using gel in a neutral card with Immucor Gammaclone IgG). My suspicion is that gel won't work, but I still want to give it a shot.
  7. Antigen Tested Units

    We do it this way also.
  8. Blood Bank staff

    Blood Bank dedicated staff on Days, generalists on evenings and nights.
  9. Screen pos, xmatch neg?

    Looks like an interfering substance to me. Have you tried rinsing your screening cells with diluent (1x is usually sufficient), re-suspending those cells in diluent, then re-testing in gel to see if the reactions go away?

    You will need to edit your table that deals with product modifications. Change the outdate from 24H to 120H. This will make it 5 days from the start. This is how we do ours.
  11. Charging for washed, irradiated, leuko-reduced platelets

    Is it possible to charge using 3 separate P codes, one for the platelet, one for irradiation and 1 for wash? All linked to the unique product code for that product.
  12. Extending specimens past 3 days

    We can extend specimens collected to 30 days as long as they have not been pregnant or transfused in the last 90 days and that they don't have an antibody (either currently or historically).
  13. Dropping Blood Bank Bands

    We haven't used blood bank bands in over 25 years. Any errors have dramatically dropped since we instituted the second specimen draw (required for non O patients). Also, checking care everywhere in Epic adds another layer of safety...being able to see any history of blood types and antibodies detected at other facilities has helped tremendously.
  14. ISBT ZT410 printer

  15. Reconstituted Whole Blood

    Same here.