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  1. Hi AMR. I took the test about 2 years ago without the formal Sbb program just like you. It is difficult because it's not just blood bank questions, but it definitely could be done. If you have a hematology textbook, study the chapter on coagulation. On my test I had several coagulation questions and test cases. they give you the coag results and you have to determine what product to give the patient (cryo, FFP, Factors). Study the coagulation cascade. Also, I had several management type questions (budgeting, calculating FTEs, cost effectiveness of instruments, etc..). Review blood administration and how to calculate the infusion rate. Hope this helps. Good luck on your test!!!
  2. Thank you so much for replying Baby Banker. I appreciate it.
  3. David and Carrie, thank you SO much for your help. I really appreciate it!
  4. Hello everyone. We are going to start doing ABO titers at our facility and I have been asked to prepare the validation plan for this new procedure. The problem is that I have NEVER written a validation plan. What information do I need to include in the plan? Does anyone have a template for a new procedure validation plan, and willing to share???
  5. It is very sad. First Orlando, now in Parkland. Our facility is about 40 minutes away from where this happened. It is getting closer and closer. Scary.
  6. Hello everyone. We had a new patient the other day that typed as a B on the Vision but when doing the 2nd ABO confirmation (our hospital requires a 2nd sample), there was a discrepancy. these are the results that the tech who was working on it got. anti-A 2+ Anti-B 4+ A1C 4+ BC 0 A2C 1+ She interpreted the ABO/Rh as AB but put the patient on group O cells only and plasma restriction. she also put a note saying that it is a probable B(A). can anyone please give me some information about this type of discrepancy? What is causing the discrepancy and what can be done to resolve it? Was it correct to interpret the ABO/Rh as AB? if the patient is a B(A) phenotype, what type RBCs and plasma would you give?
  7. Good morning everyone! Can ABO titers be done on the Visions? The director of the BMT program wants us to do titers for all the ABO incompatible transplants. We don't do titers at all right now, so we are trying to figure out the best way to do them (tube, manual gel vs. Visions). If anyone has an SOP that they are willing to share, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.
  8. Thank you so much for your responses. we will report the gram stain as negative and will add a comment if they call after 24 hrs to notify us of a positive culture. Thanks again.
  9. Thank you Yanxia for replying. I agree with you. I believe we should report the gram stain as positive in these cases.
  10. Hello everyone. Please let me know what you think about this. Recently we sent a unit to micro for a gram stain and culture. we do this for all the febrile transfusion reactions (>2 degrees F temperature rise). Micro called back and reported no organisms seen, no WBCs. After 24 hrs, they reported gram positive cocci in clusters. The next day the organism identified was S. aureus. My question is: how would you report the gram stain? Negative or positive? Some of us believe it should be reported as positive, other techs say we should go by the initial call and report it as negative. we informed the medical director and she contacted the patient's physician. Our disagreement is on how to report the gram stain in the computer. Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
  11. Debbie, thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate it. I will look through the other SOPs to find a pattern. Having my coworkers read it is a great idea. Thanks again.
  12. Hello everyone. I was asked by the laboratory manager to write an SOP for the daily temperature checks. It sounds easy enough. The problem is I've never written an SOP and have no idea where to even start. If anyone is willing to share the SOP they use at their facility, I would really appreciate it. I want to get an idea on what to write. Thanks in advance for your help.
  13. Can you please send me a copy of the SBB Exam prep session. Thank you so much for your help. evelynms77@gmail.com
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