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  1. Dr. Pepper what version of Meditech are you using? Currently we're Magic 5.64 and upgrading to 5.66 next month. Meditech does have a standard Transfusion report where you can pull in Test View groups that you've assigned to a product. How does this differ from your custom report? Thanks
  2. Malcolm, Like David I was referencing the tube dilutions (not reported) and yes we are reporting the titer as a reciprocal of the dilution (end point). Sorry if my question was not clear.
  3. David, Thanks for your response. Did you setup your cold titer profile as I indicated in my post? How many T-tests did you setup for each of the diultions?Our site is on Meditech Magic 5.64.
  4. Has any Meditech users out there built an Antibody Titer profile to include each of the tube dilutions (1:1--->1:2048) as part of entering results? Currently my users are entering their tube dilution and end point results on hard copy and entering the end point results in LIS. I'm trying to streamline paperwork to have all results entered in LIS. I would set up the tube dilutions result entry as non-reportable T-test and the endpoint result to be reported out. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks
  5. Do your users receive a warning prompt that the results entered does not match the blood type "A pos";however, your users can override the message and enter the blood type along with the results comment?
  6. How are folks resulting a patient whose blood type results indicate an A subgroup in their LIS system?
  7. You may want to indicate to the client that this is part of your reflex testing to rule out any underlying alloantibody(s).
  8. Becky, Go to Result Inquiry Menu and select BBK Transfusion Inquiry By MRI. This is what we have in Magic 5.63.
  9. The printer that we're using is dedicated to our Issue/Transfuse tags. Other items such as labels, reports, etc are setup on other printers in our dept. Our Finance and Path Billing dept are involved which is why I put this item out on the Forum just to get other user input. Thanks for your response. It is greatly appreciated.
  10. What are you using to base your cost per test? Cost of crossmatch cards,cost of printers,etc
  11. What cost parameters is your hospital using to justify cost or are you using the cost that Medicare reimburse?
  12. Bill, thanks for your input. from California.
  13. I'm in the beginning stages of validating electronic crossmatch (EXM) in my LIS system. One of the items I need to setup is billing for EXM. The CPT code for EXM is 86923, but what cost parameters are you using to determine the unit cost of performing EXM? Thanks
  14. I'm looking into rebuilding my patient/donor antigen typing. Currently, they're set up as a profile that includes a T-test to enter the reaction and the Ag type test to enter the interpretation. Since the Ag type test already includes the Antigen, POS/NEG, Result, Lot# fields, has anyone used the Ag type test instead of building a profile? Any issues with billing especially if I build an Ag type test for users to order and result a complete warm phenotype?
  15. Liquid plasma is primarily used in emergency situations;primarily trauma patients who massively require massive transfusion transfusions. Yes, you do circumvent the thaw process, it does provide volume expansion- electrolytes and albumin, as well as fibrinogen. As indicated on page 31 in the Circular of Information prepared by AABB, ARC, ABC,and the Armed Service Blood Program (Aug 2009): Major Indications: Initial treatment of patients undergoing massive transfusion Action/Recipient: Coag support for life threatening trauma/hemrrhages It goes further goes on that it is contraindicated for treatment for coag factor deficencies.
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