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We are in the process of evaluating new blood bank analyzers.  It's been while since the last post comparing them.  Can anyone provide updated information on working with Grifols Erytra or Ortho Vision?  We currently have the Immucor Echo.  Thank you!

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Went live with our Erytra in February (used to have a ProVue).  The staff has been extremely happy with the switch...especially our 2nd and 3rd shifters who are covering more than one department.  True random access, great traceability, & responsive company who are already implementing our suggestions.  

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We went live on our Erytra over a year ago. We're very happy with the analyzer and I love working with grifols.

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I was a key operator at my last job for the erytra. Fantastic instrument! It is incredibly quick, easy to understand, and I had very few errors with it's use. Also, TRUE stat function! We did have a problem with HLA antigens in our screen cells, that lead to a lot of unnecessary panels being run. After contacting Grifols, they quickly adjusted their donor screening process and the subsequent lots were clean. I was very satisfied with their customer service, and willingness to modify their products and software for their clients.

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    • By jeloweryii
      Hemo bioscience is currently developing a new product to be used for validation of blood bank instrumentation.  To better understand the challenges associated with new method implementation, we would like to speak with 5-10 individuals who have recently, i.e. within the last year, implemented a new automated method for pretransfusion testing.

      To be considered, please send an email to j.lowery@hemobioscience.com with answers to the following:

      Which instrument did you implement and when?
      Which assays did you validate/qualify for your new instrument?

      If selected to participate, a short phone call will be scheduled to further discuss your instrument validation/qualification process.

      To show our appreciation, those who are selected and complete the project will receive an Amazon gift card via email.
      Jimmy Lowery, MT(ASCP)SBBcm
      Product Manager, Hemo bioscience
    • By idsirnate1
      Is there anyone that has interfaced Ortho Vision to Sunquest?  I am having trouble with the instruments sending over my antibody screen results when ordered as a panel, it will send over the type results though.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do? 
    • By BB1956
      I searched the forum and read some discrepancy info from back in 2013 and 2014 but most of those patients had history of transfusion.  Two days ago we had a prenatal T&S.  No blood transfusions involved.  We had no previous history of type or transfusions on file.  The sample was tested on the ECHO and clearly typed as D negative with no discrepancies or concerns with both Anti-D reagents.  Patient was reported as D negative.  The same day we receive a call from the patient's midwife stating the patient has a history of being B Positive.  We pulled the original sample and repeated testing on the ECHO.  The repeat testing resulted in ?  with at least one of the Anti-D reagents and resulted as NTD. (No type determined).  We proceeded to perform tube as well as ECHO weak D testing.  Patient was 2+ positive in tube with AHG phase using the exact same reagents used on the ECHO and 4+ positive with both Anti- D reagents ECHO weak D.  My question is why did the initial test not react?  If this was a particular variant etc., I could chalk it down to method or reagent but having one result on the same sample tested on the same day and then finding another result hours later when repeated does leave me wondering.  Any ideas??  I will say the sample was EDTA and was refrigerated for several hours prior to the repeat testing.
    • By kriti
      If anyone is has the Vision and an interface with Meditech and would be willing to share screen shots of the set up in the anaylzer dictionary, I would be most grateful.  Thanks!
    • By ckuehnl
      Hi. We encountered an interesting case tonight. A male patient with no history of transfusion (also said he's never been transfused) typed beautifully A Pos. His screen, however,  was positive 3+ for cells 1 and 2 and then D pos panel cells ranged from 1+ to 3+. The D negative panel was negative and antibody ID panel was positive for all D pos cells.
      We then looked as his med list. He's on Bicalutamide, but there's no mention of BB interference in any literature I've Googled. He has a hx of prostate cancer and family hx of malignant neoplasms.
      Tube results were negative across the board (I used both LISS and no LISS to see if any difference). They were text book, beautifully  negative at that for all phases.
      DAT negative.
      What could be an explanation of this??? Is there any cases of solid phase D reacting due to meds? Meds are the only conclusion we've come to so far. Any thoughts???
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