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  1. Hi Vlad, Yes we still have one available. This is my work email, michael.peresso@europharma.com.mt Kind Regards, Michael
  2. If anyone is interested, we have x 3 used Bio-Rad IH-1000 for sale in an excellent condition.
  3. If anyone is interested, we have x 3 used Bio-Rad IH-1000 analyzers in excellent condition. Michael
  4. 3 available. All the 3 analyzers are around 5 years old. However they are in excellent condition and regularly serviced. Throughput used is very low, considering the small size of the laboratory they where in. The IH-1000 is a fully automated, walk-away system for ID-Cards with high-throughput, continuous sample and reagent loading. It is a stand-alone, easy-to-use instrument with a volume capacity of 180 samples, 240 ID-Cards, and 28 reagent vials. Some of its features include: Stand alone instrument Priority samples (STAT) Reagent stock Optimized for small blood volumes Dispense verification Full test menu Wi-Fi Touchscreen 17 inch Host connectivity Internal & external validation Dimensions (w/h/d): 173 cm / 170 cm / 83 cm Weight: 540 kg
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