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Antigen typing on recently transfused patient

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How do you perform antigen typing on recently transfused patient?

Do you use monoclonal reagents for antigen typing for recently transfused patient? Explain the reason for using monoclonal reagents?


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Gel testing will display mixed cell, so we use that method when possible.  If mixed cell reactivity is seen, we cannot interpret the results (or evaluate with caution taking into account how much blood was transfused, sometimes there is a tiny amount of positive/negative cells = transfused cells).

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We let our reference lab deal with that problem. They have been typing using cell separation (which is kind of fun to do), but are moving toward molecular depending on the case. Molecular is still too pricey for using routinely.

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      I know you are not supposed to antigen type anyone who had been transfused in the last three months, but what someone who is pregnant?  Seems like those two go together a lot, but if it is a simple immediate spin or RT incubation, would it be accurate if she is showing a new antibody right before delivery?  She already had an anti-E and today, for her C-section, and is showing an anti-c.  I was going to antigen type her but couldn't find any info about whether it would be valid or not.
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      Hello Blood Bankers,
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