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  1. We had our IT create a new "department" identifier for our second blood type for verification. So, instead of a specimen number starting with BB (for blood bank), we have BT (for the second blood type). This way, when the floor staff adds on product, it will go to the BB number instead of the BT number.
  2. I would love to recommend some apps for transfusion guidelines to my physicians! Any good ones you all can suggest?
  3. We have been going round and round about this at my facility! We have an email into the FDA waiting for response. It was our understanding that if you are making a new product-reconstituted RBC-that you would need to relabel the product portion, therefore would need to be registered by the FDA. I will let everyone know when we hear something.
  4. cswickard-I liked your SOP! Were did you get the HIV/HCV lookback packets that you mentioned in your attachments section? I am looking for basic information to send along with my notification letters and can't seem to come up with anything simple for the general public to understand. Did you get it from UBS?
  5. Paul Gann was a CA based political activist (co-author of Prop 13) who contracted HIV from a blood transfusion and died in 1989. The Paul Gann Act (California Health and Safety Code 1645b) took effect in 1990 mandating physicians discuss risks of blood transfusion with their patients and is recorded in their medical record.
  6. Our consent form has the physician sign that they have explained the risks/benefits of transfusion to the patient (Paul Gann Act).
  7. Does anyone have a recipe for making in-house QC material to QC complement reagent? We use C3b-C3d. I know you can purchase QC but wondered if anyone made their own. Thanks !
  8. I am rewriting a very old exchange transfusion procedure and can not seem to find a reference to refer to on how to make the whole blood product. You must mix ffp and prbc's-our old procedure uses volume and uses syringes. I would like to find one that goes by weight? Anyone have any references I can turn to to find a procedure? Thanks!
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