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Changing Rhogam manufacturer


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Gee, I didn't think HyperRho even existed anymore. Always was considered the cheap Rhogam because it only had one viral removal step. Plasma products these days always have two or more. We use Rhophylac IM at 28 weeks and then IV post partum, mom's really like that

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Thanks Kimster. I may not consider HyperRho based on the information you provided.

I use Rhophylac for the 300 microgram dose and was buying a box of 5 MicRhogam but I can't get that anymore so am looking for a new 'mini' Rhogam vendor/manufacturer.

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We actually got rid of the micro-dose because first it was ordered for patients that were not candidates for a mini dose. Second the price was almost the same as a full dose and why worry about the having two to stock. It is always better to give more than not enough, many OB patients due dates may be changed after the first trimester to an earlier date. Look at Ramsey et al in Arch of Pathology Lab Med, March 2009 regards to underdosing, I'd rather be safe than sorry.

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