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  1. 3rd day at midnight, with day of draw being day zero.
  2. Yes, our policies say "current edition". We have a cover page in our SOP manual that lists the current editions we are currently using. It's updated with each new edition, and after review of changes.
  3. 2nd specimen, or a historical blood type. Yes, we will use a CBC tube drawn only by our Lab staff using bedside barcode ID system.
  4. Worse than last year when I posted. Pretty dismal outlook in NY State.
  5. Document every issue. Then cut him loose at the end of his probationary period. He sounds dangerous.
  6. I did mine FT while also working FT. It was brutal, but it was the fastest 12 months of my life. Takes a lot of discipline, at least 3 hours every night. You can't skip more than 2 days or you reach the point of no return. As soon as I started to feel overwhelmed, I would take a day off from work to catch up. You have NO social life during this time. However, you have a MUCH better chance of passing the test if you do it FT and then commit to take the test within 2 months of ending. Private message me if you want more info.
  7. I just answered this question. My Score PASS
  8. Very, very, very short term only. A day after the test, most of it went from my brain directly back into that book. LOL.
  9. I'd say go for it! Memorize the Technical Manual. Also the Antigen Facts Book. And use the BloodBankGuy website; it's amazing.
  10. Orange Regional Medical Center is searching for a Night Shift Supervisor and 2 Night Shift Techs (MLT or MT). Must be licensed in NYS. Great pay and benefits, including shift diff. Apply at www.ormc.org
  11. We have the IL Tops 550s and LOVE THEM!
  12. Staffing in NYS labs right now is reaching catastrophic levels. Can't even find generalists.
  13. For the list of tests that I correlate (see above), we do 5 of each (at least one pos and one neg in the set of 5).
  14. We have the TOPS 550s and we plan to implement HIT testing next year.
  15. It's 4 hours from issue time from the Blood Bank.
  16. We have had Epic for 6 years and dropped our BB band. Best thing we ever did. We require two draws, the second has to be OUR phlebs in the Lab using the MobileLab/Rover with barcode scanning. Our ED also has Rover, but can "cheat" by force printing multiple labels. So we never let them collect the 2nd. Until we get a second (we also use existing CBC tubes), we give type O.
  17. Hello all. We are choosing between a Beckman DxH and a Sysmex XN. I would like comments from people who have recently (within 2 years) purchased either of these. Pros and cons. Specifically if you have the slide maker/stainer. Thanks.
  18. This is what I'm hearing: Now the factory is very tied up with a FDA review. Ark Bio-Medical Canada Corp. reports that they are working with the FDA to resolve this issue. I think it is mostly involved with documentation. There have been no problems related to the methodology with the hundreds of units in place.
  19. Agreed; getting a second type confirmation is not the big deal that clinicians think it is. We use CBC specimens drawn by our own phlebs using the hand-held device.
  20. I've had inspectors (usually older ones) that are still not trusting of computers. Which I find very hard to believe in this day and age but...there are certain things I still print and keep just for them. I have fought citations and won, but sometimes you just want them to look at the stuff and keep moving. Much less drama.
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